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      This is rediculous! This has happened several times in the past at different locations (not just at my house), but the adobe flash download is sooooo slow!


      Currently im at 1%, been at that for 20 minutes, and downloading at 2.6kb/s what the hell is going on here! Why does this keep happening!


      Anyone else experience similar issues? Its just completley rediculous!

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          pwillener Level 8

          From where are you downloading it?  I just tried to download the installer, and it takes less than one second to complete the download.


          Try downloading from this page: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html


          There are several alternate download links, but I would need your operating system and browser to give you the correct links.

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            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

            Hi davida5000, That link to "adobe-support" that was posted to you, is not Adobe Support.


            Be careful in following advice from anyone that has just recently registered.






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              I've posted on these forums before about this, and it is happening to me again.  I repair PCs here in the UK, and this has been a long-running recurring problem.  I've never seen this problem correctly addressed.  There seems to be a lot of download problems for people in the UK - that seems to be the only thing that we have been able to notice.  Adobe never seems to be able to fix it - or has never tried to fix it.  It is to the point that I am not going to install it on client PCs - I just don't have the time.

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                Look for a program called  go Videos



                Al Rymer

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  I have no explanation why Flash Player download in the UK is so extremely slow.


                  You have posted in the other topic (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/682584) that Shockwave Player downloaded within a few seconds.  I do not understand this, as both downloads come from the same server fpdownload.macromedia.com


                  I do not know what I can advise you, as this is not really a Flash Player technical problem.  Perhaps post in the Adobe.com Feedback forum (http://forums.adobe.com/community/general/adobedotcom_feedback) with a link to these two topics (to show that many people in the UK experience the same), or even try posting in https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform ?

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                    authoriseduser Level 1

                    I don't know if this is any help, but this last time around, it loaded quickly to something like 17% or 30% and then it started creeping up slowly thereafter until it got to 100% after about 30 or 45 minutes.  Still, this is better than the problem I had in December when it slowly crawled up to 58% and then just stuck there.   The whole thing is weird.

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                      I'm having the same problem in the UK. XP Pro, Avira AntiVir personal, BT internet connection at 4.6 MB/sec. It goes to about 200 kB every time you start a download and then virtually stops. I've disabled the anti virus programme as far as it can be and still no better.

                      What is going on? We can't all have the same machine problem here in the UK, it must be an Adobe problem

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                        Carl E. Myers Jr. Level 4

                        Have you tried tracert at the several locations and cross checked the routes that your communications are taking to get to Adobe to see if there are common nodes other than Adobe?

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                          authoriseduser Level 1

                          This problem has been around so long that I am quite sure it is an Adobe

                          problem.  Nothing wrong with your anti-virus, or ISP (I also use

                          British Telecom).  It's an Adobe problem.  Just wonder when they are

                          going to fix it.  Don't hold your breath.

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                            DISRETSWEF Level 1

                            On a  different machine ( XP Pro, AntiVir free( enabled)) on the same

                            network Adobe Reader downloaded at 700 kB/Sec, Adobe Flash Player did

                            complete a download at 25kB/sec. It's late here and I have turned the

                            machine with the original problem off so I will check it again on Wednesday.

                            There seems to be a capacity problem with Flash, I can't imagine that

                            many people are downloading Reader.

                            I'll look at the tracert on Wednesday.


                            Perhaps you should have some download servers in Europe?




                            Sid Fewster

                            4 Pontfaen



                            Powys NP8 1SJ

                            01873 811572

                            07777 693 688

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                              first thing that came to my mind is spyware try running a scan on your hard disks..spyware/virus can use up all your bandwidth in e.g.:connecting it to a botnet

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                                ANOTHER UK INSTALLER !!!

                                Yellow warning box started to appear regurarily " Adobe Flash Reqs permission to open etc" never normally happens !! When clicked to allow....it just reappears and won't go away !!!

                                This happened so often i decided to uninstall and reinstall from Adobe site.

                                Mega mega slow download.....tried 5 times.....carried out istructions help FAQ's

                                No different .....but now the "click to activate download" will not appear at the top of the page for me to activate the download at all !!

                                Just tried again, the download manager appeared......very very slow download........waited for download to complete......the green download bars show show 100% downloaded........download manager continues to state Down;oad Progress 100% ....installing application......30 mins later the download manager box still showing "installing application"

                                What can I do ???

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                                  remearmy Level 1

                                  Very very strange,,,,,,went to the wedsite that i view some video clips.....logged into site.....Java Runtime requested to run (That never happens normally).......granted.....clicked to activate a video clip.....request for Flash Player to install appears.......Flash Player Installs and clip plays !!!!!!!!

                                  Go to Programs....Flash Player 10.2 installed but does NOT show the size of the download...the size box is blank !!

                                  This all happened even tho the Flash Player Downoader box still seemed "locked" with the 2 green dowloading bars at 100% but a statement that it was still installing.

                                  Most confusing...but all seems to work now !!

                                  Any ideas what happened???

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                                    DISRETSWEF Level 1

                                    This seems to be some sort of intermittent problem and only occurs on

                                    some machines at certain times in the UK. Since my first post, I have

                                    updated flash on 4 machines other than the problem one, not at the same

                                    time of course, and the 2.7 MB downloads came in with no problem at all.

                                    I then went back to the problem machine and the download worked fine.

                                    I'm no clearer as to what is causing the problem, but it does seem

                                    unique to the flash update, certain machines and is intermittent. Not an

                                    easy problem to fix. Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback from







                                    Sid Fewster

                                    4 Pontfaen



                                    Powys NP8 1SJ

                                    01873 811572

                                    07777 693 688

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                                      authoriseduser Level 1

                                      As noted previously, I am in the UK, and I fix computers for a living, and for certain clients, when I do a wipe and clean install, I might take the time to put all the bells and whistles on, i.e. Adobe, etc.   Well, yesterday, I was doing a clean wipe (so right off the bat, this eliminates the "virus" idea), and lo-and-behold, I ran into the same problem again - except this time, it was doing it on downloading Shockwave (I didn't even bother trying to install Flash Player or Reader).


                                      There is definately a problem here - I've run into it quite a bit here in the UK.  I would hope Adobe would address and solve this problem, but I am not hopeful.

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                                        Just another example of issues in the UK - running on a BT line giving about 10Mbps speeds. I started the Flash Player download (just the bootstrap program) several times and the download shows about 1.5Kb/s. Left that running but in parallel on the same machine, ran Windows Update. It downloaded 183Mb onto the same machine in the time it took the Adobe download to bump up about a tenth of its total. So not the machine, not the bandwidth and not the ISP. Same machine is currently giving rapid access to this site as well to submit this note.


                                        So definitely an Adobe problem - looks like it could do with some attention folks. FYI this is a fresh Windows 7 64-bit install done just yesterday so about as clean as it gets.



                                        Rob D.


                                        Download now at 1Kb/s, 200Kb out of 2.7Mb completed in about ten minutes.

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                                          pwillener Level 8

                                          I don't know if this is an Adobe problem or not, but has anybody actually reported it to Adobe?  (As suggested in http://forums.adobe.com/message/3485187#3485187)


                                          This problem seems not to occur anywhere else than in the UK, so maybe the first step would be to ask the local Adobe office in the UK?


                                          I have downloaded Flash Player hundreds of times here in Japan (from the same Adobe / Akamai servers in the US), and it has never taken longer than 1 second to complete the download.  (Using the download site posted earlier in http://forums.adobe.com/message/3351228#3351228)

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                                            authoriseduser Level 1

                                            Okay, I have just called it in to Adobe UK, on Monday, 2 May 2011 at 11:20 a.m.   By the time you get through all the switchboard options, you get a person in Adober Personal Customer Service, i.e. they deal with the retail public.  The best the woman said she could do was either "escalate" it to her supervisor, or she could transfer me to Business Support.  I didn't want to go through another round with someone given that the Business Support no doubt had to do with installation to businesses, and this needs to be dealt with by whoever is in charge of the servers in the UK.  In any event, they have my full contact information including email and telephone number, and I told them I repaired computers for a living.  Oh, and I gave her the URL of this thread.  Maybe the supervisor will read this post.  So we will see how it goes.

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                                              pwillener Level 8

                                              Great; let us know how this continues.  Hopefully it will eventually be resolved.

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                                                Here is a transcript from actual contact to Adobe customer service


                                                Chat InformationThank you for choosing Adobe. A representative will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is 0 minute(s) and 3 second(s) or longer as there are 1 customer(s) in line ahead of you.

                                                Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Sandhya '

                                                Sandhya : Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.

                                                Sandhya : Hi Carl.

                                                Carl Brady: Hi: Why is my download so terribly slow

                                                Sandhya : As I understand that you wanted to know why  your trial download is very slow. Am I correct?

                                                Carl Brady: yes

                                                Sandhya : Thank  you for confirming the issue.

                                                Sandhya : I will be glad to help you.

                                                Carl Brady: then help

                                                Sandhya : The download speed depends on your internet connection.

                                                Carl Brady: Quit the *********. My internet connection is broadband and my local network is 100meg

                                                Carl Brady: This is a common problem all over the internet. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

                                                Sandhya : I am sorry about that.

                                                Carl Brady: What is wrong with Adobe downloads and how do I fix it?

                                                Sandhya : This may happen because because of the server problem.

                                                Sandhya : I would suggest you to wait for the download to complete.

                                                Carl Brady: What is the server problem?

                                                Sandhya : Please don't cancel the download.

                                                Carl Brady: 14 hours @ 24 k? What's that about

                                                Sandhya : I  am sorry.

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                                                  authoriseduser Level 1

                                                  Okay, I was getting a client's brand-new netbook up to speed last night and - once again - could not get Adobe Flash to download.  I gave it to her without flash on it (it came with Reader from the factory).


                                                  Adobe actually had a guy from Akamai in Boston call me about a month or so ago.  He was looking into it (the server in the UK is run by Akamai).  He said there were two servers in the UK (two "regions"), and he had me do various things while I was on the phone with him (ping tests, etc), and he concluded it was a server problem.  But it's not fixed.  These guys at Adobe (not Akamai) are idiots - they KNOW they have a problem - they just don't care.

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                                                    authoriseduser Level 1

                                                    Okay, I just spoke to the Akamai person again.  He is swamped with work (works 16 hours a day).  What he needs in order to fix this (I gave him this info a month ago, but he needs it again).  When you try to download from the server and it gets stuck, he needs (1) the time you did this (this is super important, because he needs to be able to look up in the server log what happened), (2) the time zone you are in, (3) your IP address that you were using when the download failed, and (4) he thinks there might be an "ID" number that appears somewhere when you do the download (he's not certain about this, so this might not be absolutely necessary).  Anyway, with that info, he will be able to go back and see what failed and why.  Again, he said there are multiple "regions" in the UK and thus different servers.


                                                    So, if somebody could post the above info the next time it fails for them, he will see it on this forum and will be in a much better position to diagnose it.


                                                    It apparently is not a quick and easy problem to diagnose.  He seems a nice guy, and he is working long hours.  And he seems competent.  Anyway, I guess that is the next step.

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                                                      carlb60 Level 1

                                                      Thanx for the info.  I am in US - Nebraska, but I will post the info for the

                                                      Akami guy.  I am still connected and downloading.  I am trying to download a

                                                      trial version of Adobe Photoshop CS5, but have had this problem before with

                                                      Acrobat and Flash - Acrobat is another can of worms with two hours of

                                                      updates after downloading the latest version.  It does not matter if you

                                                      have license or not, you can't get the latest version.  This was back in

                                                      April - may be fixed by now.

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                                                        carlb60 Level 1

                                                        RE Slow download:  I started the download @ about 11:45 AM Central Daylight

                                                        Time in the US  (GMT - 5).  The IP address of my cable modem is

                                                The download is still running.  I am trying to download Adobe

                                                        Photoshop CS5 trial.  I tried disabling McAfee virus protection.  Did not


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                                                          authoriseduser Level 1

                                                          There is another thread where this is also being discussed:




                                                          And the Akamai guy has just posted the following post:


                                                          = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


                                                          If you are having problems with this download please click this Akamai link http://ip.akamai.com/case/B-3-P618CJ


                                                          It will then show a Tracking Number and that's all. 


                                                          Then  please post a reply in this forum with that Tracking Number and the  time and time zone you tried the download so I can find logs on the  Akamai side.


                                                          The more exact the time you report, the better.  Use military time or use AM or PM and don't forget the time zone.


                                                          I will post the results of my investigation on this forum once I have identified the root cause and have resolved it.





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                                                            authoriseduser Level 1

                                                            Okay carlb60, I notified the Akamai guy about your post, he saw it late Friday night at home and said he is going to do an investigation next week and get back to us.  Now that he has the information, he can go look in the "logs" and see what was happening.  So, let's see.  If anybody else has any problems downloading - particularly if you are in the UK - please post the info requested.  Thanks.