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    dynamic loading problem (jpg/png)

    Mouseclick Multimedia Level 1
      I made a webalbum ( http://www.technopolis.be/eng/ecsite2006/?n=135) that dynamically loads pictures. The thumbnails showed up nicely, when clicking them, they were supposed to dynamically load a jpg image. For some strange reason, that doesn't work though. Sometimes I got my progress bar showing the download process, but no image showed up, sometimes my progress bar just said 'NaN' and didn't do anything. I checked to see that my jpg's were non-progressive, which they were, so that can't be the problem either. After resaving them to png, it worked flawlessly. However, the images are about five times bigger in download size... Anyone an idea what could cause this jpg loading problem?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          your jpg's don't have to be non-progressive for flash 8 (and you must be using flash 8 if you can load png files). they just have to be valid jpgs. are they? can you view them in some application? if no to both, correct the problem.

          otherwise, create a test fla that loads one of those jpgs. any problem? if so, post a link to your jpg. if not, recheck the path/file name to your jpgs.
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            Mouseclick Multimedia Level 1
            I am indeed using flash 8, when I link directly with my browser to one of the jpg's, it shows up ok in the browser window. I didn't change anything to the path either, I just replaced +".png" to +".jpg" in the code. The only thing I haven't tried yet is upgrading to flash player 9, I'm going to check if that helps now. (although I doubt it, since it works standalone)