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    Adding "continued" after a pagination

    iamcootis Level 1

      I am creating a dynamic form that reads in XML. I have serveral subForm chunks that may be split up over a page break. Is there a way to dynamically add something like "continued from previous page" after a subForm is paginated?

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          pguerett Level 6

          You coudl have a specific Master Page that has that information and in the Pagination section of the sunform you can assign that specific Master  Page to the option "If Dataset must be Paginated" the choose your new Master Page.



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            I am having a similar requirement - If I create a new Master Page and assign that page when the data overflows then I might not get the desired behavior.


            Let's say we have 3 pages - first page should have CONTINUED text at the bottom of the form Same thing happens for 2nd Page - the last or the third page

            has no such text in short it stays hidden.


            I tried using Master Page scripting but somehow it's not working.


            Can you show me the way forward on this?




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              pguerett Level 6

              Not sure I follow .....are you trying to control a set fo repeating rows and if they flow through to the next page then you want to have the text "Continued...." at the bottom of the page? And on the last page you do not want to have "Continued..."?


              If you have a sample to work from it woudl be easier than creating a new one. You can send it and your data file to LiveCycle8@gmail.com ...please include a description of what you are lookig for in that email.