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    FAQ:  Where is XXXXX feature?

    _durin_ Adobe Employee

      If you are familiar with Adobe Audition 3.0 or previous on Windows, you may see some features that are not currently available in this public beta preview of Adobe Audition for the Mac.  To ensure the quality of this release, Audition saw a complete re-write from the ground up.  The same high-quality DSP algorithms and code was ported to ensure your audio edits maintain their fidelity and the noise removal tools retain their reputation as among the best in the world, but the majority of the application code was written from scratch to address technical improvements such as multiple-core processors and multi-channel audio.  In addition, we've merged new interface concepts from some of Adobe's other applications where it improved the editing experience, the split-screen waveform and spectral view being one of the more noticeable changes.


      This hard work and attention to detail also meant that not every feature from previous editions of Adobe Audition could have been fully redesigned, developed, and tested within a reasonable schedule.  Based on our visits and surveys of customers and production facilities, we prioritized a list of the most required, requested, mandatory features and workflows that would be crucial to the majority of our users, and worked to ensure those were as fast, powerful, and reliable as we could make them.  As we continue development on Audition, expect to see many of those "missing" features back, with improvements to performance and updates to remain ahead of the curve.

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          Markj86 Level 1

          Will there be a Metronome in the final market version? This is a big deal for me, my recording partners, and the artists we record. I am an Audition loyalist, I started using it in College (well, actually I started using Cool Edit in college) and I love it. But to be quite frank, I cannot see myself wasting space on my Mac for a program that is useless for the actual tracking sessions.


          My other big question starts with a statement: I have heard that it is possible to import 3.0 sessions into the Mac Beta. That being said, how is it done?

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            Charles VW Adobe Employee

            Markj86 wrote:

            My other big question starts with a statement: I have heard that it is possible to import 3.0 sessions into the Mac Beta. That being said, how is it done?


            In Audition 3, you'll want to save the session in the XML format.  There is more information from one of our previous blog posts: Audition XML Session Format.

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              Kingz0g Level 1



              Hi, I read your "where is the xxx feature" post, and understand that you're probably working on this. But I can't resist lobbying for the "timed record" feature, which I use a lot, and would be sad to lose.


              Otherwise - I'm loving Audition for Mac

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                DJWalker209 Level 1

                So far the Mac version ROCKS!


                "Group Clips" would really come handy when using multiple clips in a project. I hope it's included in the final version.



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                  Avenue S Level 1

                  I teach and use Audition on a PC.  I like the changes on Audition for Mac, but could only recommend if it could open Audition 3 files without going the XML route (really hit and miss), and I think the beta doesn't have Automated Mixing (or am I just missing something).


                  Not too concerned about dropping the CD window.


                  But without compatibility with old session files and no Mix Automation, it's a non-starter and Adobe should pull the plug

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                    Mr. Wavescape Level 1

                    I miss the generation of random noise (white, pink and brown) as well as the generation of tones. Will there be a generator feature in the release version of Audition for Mac? We use Audition for acoustic measurement purpose.

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                      Hgtyuaiospiyxsnasnhjn Level 1

                      Further to the question about the metronome,


                      (1) I assume metronome will be available for guitar click tracks


                      (2) What about a "Flexible Timing" feature also?


                      Singer/Songwriters are a large component of the Target Market for Audition.

                      That being the case, consider the following scenario:


                      Singer/Songwriter likes the simplicity of Audition. Singer/Songwriter can record their rhythm guitar track (doubles as foundation click track) and their vocal track at home (ie: have a good mic) and send those 2 or 3 tracks off to the producer/studio who works in Protools.


                      There is one catch for the home based Singer/Songwriter. Some or actually many of their guitar tracks don't really work when they are trying to play them to the tempo of a metronome/click track yet they need the tempo/structure so the studio can sync in drums and all other instruments. Protools has a way of getting around this referred to as "Flexible Timing". See youtube videos on this HERE






                      Does Audition currently offer a similar feature?


                      According to this scenario/feature could a Singer/Songwriter have this issue resolved at their end before they send their guitar track to studio (thereby saving time, money and confusion etc)?


                      Basically, I'm just a dumb *** where the technology for this is concerned (I can barely follow the logic of the above videos). I've never worked in Protools or Audition but I do need to buy a DAW soon. What I do know is that I often prefer to play my guitar freehand (without click). If I try to play according to a click/metronome it's fine for some songs but just doesn't work for some others (finger picking, tempo changes, etc). That said, I also need to supply a guitar track that a studio can work with...


                      My point is, if Audition can offer this feature or better still an even simpler way of achieving the same result (that can be resolved before the track is exported??) they will surely have the Singer/Songwriter market in the bag. Will I be stuck with having to buy Protools just for this feature alone? Please tell me I can or will soon be able to do this with Audition, especially Audition 4 Mac?!


                      As an afterthought: ...am I misguided in thinking it will make any difference to be able to do this in Audition? Would this type of work need to be done when adding other instruments at the studio end anyway?


                      I'll appreciate any feedback...

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                        _durin_ Adobe Employee

                        Built-in Metronome support has not been implemented for this version, but I'll include your request (and all the recent feature requests for items like Grouped Clips, Timed Record, Better legacy support, etc) in our feature backlog to help prioritizing for the next development cycle.


                        As for "flexible timing," we tend to refer to this as Dynamic Tempo.  Some DAWs support this in different ways - some allow the producer to select a range and synchronize it to a particular tempo, others allow manipulation of the tempo or click track itself.  This is not something we've implemented in Audition before, but the request has come up often enough over the last year that I believe we'll need to explore this very soon.  It's useful not just for musicians, but for speech and audio for video editing workflows as well.

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                          dalerobins Level 1

                          Another request for metronome please. I am also missing defining loop properties. Looping is useless with out the properties menu.(maybe i'm just not finding it)  These 2 things are a must for working as a one man recording band and maintaining a fast with multiple options workflow. from a long time adobe brand loyal user.CS2,3 and 4, Audition since it was cool edit. Thank you for doing it right.

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                            DJWalker209 Level 1

                            Another helpful feature wuld be to add Compression Ratio & Threshold controls to the Settings of the Dynamics Processing.

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                              vpdc1 Level 1

                              Is wave block looping available in the Audition Mac beta version?  If it's not available yet, do you know when it'll be rolled out?  If it is available, could you tell me how to do it?


                              In the PC version, I'm used to right clicking on a wav file in the multitrack and selecting wave block looping.  This is the dialog box that pops up:http://www.adobe.com/uk/tips/prepaudition/images/step03.jpg




                              BTW, when I select "new discussion" I'm not able to select the text area to enter a question.  I tried Firefox and Chrome.

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                                Frank Waves Level 1


                                Like about 2 months ago I already tested the Mac Beta and wrote a question to it in this forum. Unfortunately I didn't get any reply to it.

                                Now I really must ask for my desired feature again, because it really opposes Audition to other Applications and is one of the main reasons I would buy Mac-Audition.


                                I'm still using a PC beside my Mac only for running Audition 1.5 to do precise physical modelling and sample post editing. At this subject I need to avoid/remove Nyquist-frequencies (for example to correct the edges of a digitally generated square wave).


                                So what I really plead Adobe is to keep the capability to drag and move single sample points when zooming deep into a waveform. IMO this is still a must-have-feature for a professional audio editing application.


                                Thanks in advance


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                                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                  Hi Frank,


                                  I'm sorry you did not receive a response the first time you asked this question.  Unfortunately at this time, Audition 4 does not offer sample-specific editing in the exact manner it was in Audition 1.5.  You can edit individual samples when zoomed in by highlighting a single sample using a click-and-drag with the mouse, then using the on-screen amplitude knob to adjust it's value.

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                                    Frank Waves Level 1

                                    Okay, that works. Thanks for the answer!

                                    Anyway it would be nice (and might be not too difficult to program) to make points editable by clicking and dragging them.

                                    Mac Audition should be just as good in usability as the PC-Versions were.

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                                      majorsound_de Level 1

                                      I'm still using AU 1.5 and so I'm missing these few features:

                                      (Sorry for my bad english, it's been a long long time 'til school...)


                                      In Multitrack Modus:


                                      - Edit: Group / Ungroup Clips (Very, very Important...)

                                      - Buttons for Activating / DeActivating Balance and Volume Graph in the Track View (Balance Line is too fat, can't see the 0db line for editing...)

                                      - The ability to move the horizontal Scroll-Bar (Need it under the Tracks-View, not at the top)

                                      - the length of the scrollbar Button is too small, when u zoomed in very much, unable to grab it fast with the mouse

                                      - the ability to zoom in vertically to tracks, that makes the waveform 'higher' and more differentiated...

                                      - The abilty to change the volume of a clip 'globally' (right click --> 'Change Volume' in AU 1.5)

                                      - also the 'Clip-Edit-View' (Clip Volume, Balance, Bus, Eq etc.)

                                      - generally all features in right click - pull down menu from AU 1.5 (this is a must have!)

                                      - can not define 'Return' on NumPad as ShortCut...

                                      - the ability to paste  'Silence' to generate some defined space between Clips (contrary to 'Ripple Undelete' --> 'Ripple Generate' ;-) ...)

                                      - Shortcut: Shift + rightclick to make a nondestructive Clip Copy with the time selection tool (like in AU 1.5)

                                      - Shortcut: Cmd + rightclick to make a destructive Clip Copy with the time selection tool (both makes editing very very fast!!!)

                                      - font size in Selection/View is too small...

                                      - Shortcut Tab for switching between the 'tools' (move, razor, time selection...)





                                      - the abilty to define a global 'file export preset' in Settings

                                      - the abilty to type in values @ plugins, normalize, volume, balance etc. (Editing only via mouse is too inacurrate)



                                      Hope other users miss this needfull features too, and Adobe will realize it in a new betaversion... (or the final version ;-)


                                      and finally: AU 4 is a great Audio Tool, love the onboard plugins!


                                      Thx Tom

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                                        majorsound_de Level 1

                                        Ok, found the 'Clip Gain' feature ;-)

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                                          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

                                          You can turn the Pan, Volume and Effect Envelopes on and off in View menu.


                                          You can Insert Silence from the Edit menu/Insert.


                                          Zooming in on the Waveform vertically in Edit view can be done by right clicking on the right hand dB scale. There are also Keyboard shortcuts available. And the Mouse wheel can be used when mouse placed over the level scale. In Multitrack view you can drag the bottom of the Track header pane to increase the vertical size of the track or use Alt+Mouse Wheel to zoom on the waveform.

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                                            Dave OPCO Level 1

                                            Hi there

                                            Add me emphatically to the group clips function list.


                                            Also a Tag clip function would be incredibly useful. As a filmmaker being able to Tag, Find, Group, Process & Replace audio would take a lot of the pain out of sound editing.


                                            Edit: I found Clip Colour!


                                            In the Multi track view (I'm working from an OMF exported from FCP7) when presented with the Volume Pan Control keyframes, they're kinda imprecise so would like to either:

                                            a) have the values land on Zeroeven at full height zoom it's a fiddly process (i want to be fast!)

                                            b) a ctrl snap to whole no.s

                                            c) a click to input precise values function.

                                            d) set to previous keyframe value.





                                            Interface feedback. (I'm suffering confusion on this one)

                                            Having applied a hum removal effect to a group of selected clips the process goes:


                                            I'm presented with the "working" dial: Good

                                            Windows pop up for all effected clips: No "Apply" button just "close". Meaning Done?: Not so Good

                                            Manually Close windows without knowing what has/hasn't been done: Not so Good

                                            Effected clips have a little fx icon: Good

                                            Play clips, no effect applied: Not so Good


                                            Need to know what has /hasn't been done and how to execute that.



                                            It's not clear "how" you work with a video clip. I'd be happy to be able to import an OMF followed separately by the associated mute video clip. Is that possible?


                                            If not, can I add that to a liist of things that would be "nice to have"?


                                            I work in a visual / literal way so on the whole I really like the way you've got things laid out. Though I have occasionally lost windows trying to find things. But as an audio debutant i'll say brilliant work thus far.


                                            Keep it up


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                                              RunRodriguez Level 1

                                              Would love to see time stretch in the multitrack view. That is, in Audition 3 when you can press control + grab the lower right corner of a clip and then time stretch. That's a crucial feature for doing automated dialogue replacement in films.

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                                                richardfwalley Level 1

                                                Ok, look, I know loads of people have said this, but I downloaded the beta on the understanding that I test it for you, so I need to pay you back somehow.


                                                Lifelong Audition user from when it was CoolEdit blah blah. Just making transition to Mac, almost half on the basis that Audition is available for it.


                                                Loaded it up and wanted to test some of my old sessions... yeah, you know the rest.


                                                Look, I can sort of vaguely understand why you might want to move to XML. Well, ok, I don't, but I trust you on this. BUT, not being able to load up old .ses files is just a pain. By all means, if you want to be fascist about formats, don't let me save .ses files, but please at least include something that will convert old format files on loading. Pretty please.

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                                                  ryclark Adobe Community Professional

                                                  On the PC side have you had a look at AATranslator? Amongst loads of other DAW formats it can convert Audition .ses sessions to AA3 .xml which may then open in the new Mac version.



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                                                    DJWalker209 Level 1



                                                    Old .Ses Files need to be able to be imported...


                                                    Even though I haven't tried this yet, I expected they would be useable.


                                                    - DJW

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                                                      Cweg Level 1

                                                      Metronome would be extremely useful. Please add soon!


                                                      -Cool Edit / AA user since college (2001)!

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                                                        SuiteSpot Level 4

                                                        Thanks ryclark


                                                        The AATranslator team will be providing a standalone bulk Audition/CEP session file converter and we have decided to make it donationware.

                                                        The plan is to convert pretty much all CEP and AA versions to the new AA4 format bringing across as much detail as possible or as makes sense


                                                        In the meantime I'm happy to convert ses files to AA3 xmls for interested parties if that will help with your beta testing


                                                        No charge for the service but feel free to use the 'donation' button on the aatranslator website if you feel inclined.


                                                        Just email your sessions to me via the web site www.aatranslator.com.au - no need to include any media

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                                                          PevySue Level 1

                                                          Requests for Audition for Mac:


                                                          MultiTrack Tempo and Time Signature change recording with a Metronome to accompany this. Waveform View would have to be capable of following these changes too obviously.


                                                          MultiTrack Dynamic Tempo with a selection of algorithms to choose from of the highest quality you can find.



                                                          That's all I've really thought of for now but I'll buy you each a tub of ice cream if you do these things

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                                                            msandm Level 1

                                                            Will the full version have separate threshold, ratio etc controls in Dynamics Processing? Like Audition 3...? It's so much more user friendly other than playing with a graph...


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                                                              _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                                              Dynamic tempo mapping (and associated metronome and other tempo-tools) are not ready for this release, but remain on the list for future development.  Thanks!

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                                                                _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                                                The tool is primarily graph-based right now, due to feedback and requests to simplify the interface for this tool.  Many of the parameter adjustment controls are under the SETTINGS tab, and if you right-click upon a point in the graph, you can enter manual values for each node.  I'll open a feature request with your notes to indicate interest in a more advanced version of the tool, more similar to what was available in Audition 3.

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                                                                  DJWalker209 Level 1



                                                                  On the Selection/View controls it would be helpful to include the Length  of the highlighted selection...ie [ Start      End     Length ]


                                                                  Also importing .ses  files is a must... there must be a way to do it instead of requiring a 3rd party application.


                                                                  Keep up the Awesome work!



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                                                                    Brian Gordon 13 Level 1

                                                                    Thank you for explaining the reasons why some of the features I am use to on my old Cool Edit system is not yet available on AU.


                                                                    The 2 features I miss for my "hobby work" of remastering my collection of old  LPs & 78s is the lack of being able to highlight a single click or pop


                                                                    on a waveform and then deleting with the single click facility that is available on Cool Edit and Audition 3.   The auto click remover on AU


                                                                    works very well on most old disc recordings but sometimes it gets fooled.


                                                                    The second facility I miss is the "play through" when recording, not a major problem but is very helpful when laying down a recording.



                                                                    On a general note I think the other facilities offered are first class.  AU is very stable on my standard 21'' iMac ( iMac8,1) using  OSX version 10.6.6.


                                                                    I have also tried AU on my 13'' Macbook , again with 10.6.6 - without any difficulties, apart from having problems in customising the classic


                                                                    work space with the Frequency Analysis window.  This facility would freeze when selected and the only way I could resolve the problem


                                                                    was to delete the Adobe Preference File from the library start again.   This problem occurred on both my machines.


                                                                    If it is of any help - I had set up some key board short cut preferences before attempting to customise the Frequency Window


                                                                    when I first installed the software, but after deleting the Abobe Preferences from the library, I set the Frequency Window first before customising


                                                                    the key board short cuts. Since then the software has worked perfectly on both machines. Excellent product



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                                                                      ryclark Adobe Community Professional

                                                                      You can still remove a single click using Auto Heal from the Favorites menu. Quicker still is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctr+U.

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                                                                        _durin_ Adobe Employee

                                                                        As ryclark mentioned, the Auto Heal favorite and shortcut updates the older "Repair Transient" favorite from Auditions past.  If you want a bit more control or wish to use your preferred click removal parameters, you can configure the effect and clicking the "star" button at the top of the effect spanel, create a new favorite.  This can be configured with a custom keyboard shortcut, and will then be quickly accessible as you edit.


                                                                        I'll make a note in our feature database with regards to the recording play through (and other options.)  I suspect the Frequency Analysis window issue has been fixed since the public beta release in November as none of our internal team nor our private pre-release testers have reported this problem.  However, I'll continue to track it here as well as try to hunt it down in our crash report log database.


                                                                        Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

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                                                                          C.R.Helmrich Level 1

                                                                          Durin, sorry in advance if it's been answered already, but: will the new Audition still support the .xfm effects API, or will you switch to VST plug-ins exclusively? I once wrote a Cool-Edit-Pro-style .xfm DLL to add a certain type of noise shaper (http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=13963), and it would be great if this would still work with the new Audition on Windows.


                                                                          Thanks and regards,



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                                                                            Charles VW Adobe Employee

                                                                            C.R.Helmrich wrote:


                                                                            will the new Audition still support the .xfm effects API, or will you switch to VST plug-ins exclusively?

                                                                            We've switched to VST and AudioUnit plug-ins exclusively.


                                                                            After looking at your AES paper, I have a side question, have you checked out the new noise shaping options in this public beta?

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                                                                              mwr001 Level 1

                                                                              Having owned a copy of Adobe 1.5 for many years, and recently aquiring a Mac, I was jazzed to be able to check out the new version for a Mac.  After spending an hour trying to find the Metronome, finding the bar/speed feature, trying to record a click track from my old computer via microphone (terrible sort of feedback loop or something that I could not figure out), I decided to get on the forum and have someone show me where the bleeping metronome was.  I figured I was just being thickheaded and could not find it.  But no, it's really not there.  Unfortunately, that makes this lovely piece of software useless to me for any kind of multi-tracking.


                                                                              Please send me a message when you have gotten around to adding a metronome feature to the product.





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                                                                                C.R.Helmrich Level 1

                                                                                Thanks for the info, Charles! Not the best news for me, but surely makes sense to go this way. No, I haven't tested the beta yet, I don't have a Mac (at least not at home).


                                                                                Could you give me a heads-up?    Is it something like POW-r or UV22, or Adobe's own work? (Edit: Or Mbit+ from iZotope? Forgot about that)



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                                                                                  Charles VW Adobe Employee

                                                                                  C.R.Helmrich wrote:


                                                                                  Is it something like POW-r or UV22, or Adobe's own work? (Edit: Or Mbit+ from iZotope? Forgot about that)


                                                                                  Adobe's own work.   You'll be able to try it out on windows with the free 30 day demo when we release.   Let us know what you think.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: FAQ:  Where is XXXXX feature?
                                                                                    C.R.Helmrich Level 1

                                                                                    OK, I found some time to look at AA4 on a Mac at work today. In general, I'm impressed by the simple, yet functional and beautiful GUI design.


                                                                                    Regarding the Convert Sample Type dialogue, I only had time to test the static (Adaptive Mode turned off) noise shaping options, so please keep that in mind when reading the first few of the following comments:


                                                                                    • You connect dither and noise shaper, i.e. if dithering is off, noise shaping is turned off as well. That's not necessary, noise shaping also works without dither (at the risk of harmonic distortion, of course, but even that distortion would be shaped). So if you don't run into problems such as limit cycles, you could make the two independent.
                                                                                    • the High Pass noise shaper doesn't seem to care much about the Crossover frequency, it seems. If it's the simple first-order FIR [1 -z^-1] - which would be perfectly sufficient - then there's not even a need to enable the Crossover and Strength controls, right?
                                                                                    • I don't see a need for the U-Shaped noise shapers. First, they have almost the same frequency response as the Weighted (Light) shaper. Second, the Weighted (Light/Heavy) shapers should be slightly superior sonically. Third, I suggest not to overwhelm the user with choices The remaining shapers are great and span all noise shapes you'd ever need! They are definitely better than the noise shapers in the older versions.
                                                                                    • What happened to the Rectangular dither? Please re-add it or replace the Gaussian dither by it. IMHO this is much more useful than Gaussian, since the latter creates more noise energy than you need. As Lipshitz and Vanderkooy showed in the 80s, triangular dither is perfect for audio. Here's a thing: if your signal to be converted already contains a little bit of noise, then rectangular dither (between -0.5 and 0.5) is most likely already sufficient, especially if you use noise shaping! It also saves you almost 2 dB of noise level over triangular dither, and almost 4 dB over Gaussian dither.
                                                                                    • It's nice to see the noise shapers working at sample rates higher than 48 kHz, were they give a huge gain over simple un-shaped dither.


                                                                                    I also like the design of the Frequency Analysis window (Alt+Z), that it can handle graphs of different sample rates, and that you wrote "Hann" instead of "Hanning" window . But Blackman has only one "n" in his name!


                                                                                    In order not to hijack this thread, more comments will follow in private.



                                                                                    • 39. Re: FAQ:  Where is XXXXX feature?
                                                                                      4fmb Level 1

                                                                                      I like the 4.0 look and feel on MAC, and have been an Audition/Cool Edit user starting in the mid 90's with Cool Edit, then Pro, then AU 1.5, 2 and 3 on PC. I do miss some of the "original" look and feel -any plans in the offing for "skinning options"? (more than just the existing color schemes with light/dark slider, although thanks for those!).  Yes, yes, I do realize there's an intentional look & feel consistency between all the Adobe suite!      Still, just sayin'......


                                                                                      Next, I agree with the .ses importing and metronome comments about their desirability as features.


                                                                                      A big one for me will be to work with more than one Mackie MCU pro module. Currently, it works with 8 channels of MCUpro like a dream, but does not recognize my expander unit.


                                                                                      The audio editing is still (imho) the best on any platform and always has been. And I LOVE the way it's integrated in with mixer and editor functioning.


                                                                                      Video works well.


                                                                                      The majority of the long-standing AU/CEP plug-ins still provide good functionality and results for being the "stock" offerings. But these old "slider-based" GUI's are really showing their age at this point! Any plans for super-duping them up somewhat? I know it doesn't add to the sound, but these days "look and feel" and "eye candy" factor make a difference to a lot of potential buyers, not to mention it makes us "old guffs" proud of how good "our" DAW comes across!


                                                                                      What are current thoughts/direction (if any) for MIDI development?


                                                                                      Still grumbling in my beer about no PPC support (G5), but you're not the only ones going that direction! Overall, looks to be a winner on Mac, as on PC.