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    CF creating spurious variables

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      I hope the forums are in a good mood today, and will allow me to paste code in here.  Let's see...


      Could I ask y'all a favour?  Could you pls run this code on CF9, and let me know the results:



      <cfif structKeyExists(URL, "bung") AND URL.bung>
          <cfset st = {
              foo = "bar"
          <cfset st = structNew()>
          <cfset st.foo = "bar">
      <cfloop item="sKey" collection="#variables#">
          VARIABLES.<cfoutput>#sKey#</cfoutput> found.  Value:<br />
          <cfdump var="#variables[sKey]#" label="#sKey#">
          <hr />
      <cfdump var="#variables#" label="variables">


      (contrast the results when passing ?bung=true and ?bung=false on the URL.


      We are seeing CF creating a spurious variable "___IMPLICITARRYSTRUCTVAR0" being created in the variables scope, when using {} notation for creating structs.


      This does not happen on CF8, but does happen on CF9 (9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.1+CHF).


      It only happens when the code is in a CFM file; not a CFC file.


      It's "interesting" that Adobe are suppressing the output of this variable in CFDUMP.