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    Prioritize state transitions (?)


      hello everyone,

      i am new to flash catalyst with no knowledge of flash or AS. i have created a simple project that images (converted to buttons) move on roll over. This was extremely straight forward to be done in FC and thank you adobe for that . my problem though is that i want to create a final state that all images fade out and a separate image is displayed on the top layer. i want this to be done when the mouse cursor is moved out of the boarders of my flash from all possible stages.


      Of course i used the "roll out" function to move to the state and applied it to all of my buttons. i do not use "on click" since i want the buttons/images to move on roll over. so the "roll out" now interferes with the "roll over" of the next button. I tried moving the actions down the timeline so that they dont play for the first couple of second of the "roll out" trigger but what happens is that before the "roll over" of the next button is applied i get a "snapy" view of the "roll out" state :S


      Question: is there anyway of having the "roll out"  trigger apply to the whole artboard so it doesnt mess up with the individual components? pls do keep in mind that my buttons cover the whole artboard at 100% at all times and at all states since it is kinda of a rolling slideshow.


      I hope my attempt of describing the problem was not too confusing :S


      Any help or even a nudge towards the correct path will be greatly appreciated.