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    Another Flash 10.2 issue - Cannot watch youtube videos.


      Hi All,

      It seems like this forum is littered with all these problems with flash player 10.2.  It just so happens I am suffering same fate and hopefully there is a fix for this.  I have tried everything on this forum but to no avail.  Perhaps I missed something.  Here is my information.



      Dell Inspiron 546
      Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit
      IE 8 32 bit edition
      McAfee System Center about 1 year old - Not sure what the verison is.


      Cannot watch youtube videos as a matter a fact none of the videos are working "keeps saying you need an upgraded flash player"  This is happening in FF, IE, Safari.  The only one that is working is Chrome due to embedded flash player I suppose.  Anyhow I uninstalled McAfee completely, disabled Windows Firewall, ran adobe uninstaller for flash player and rebooted.  With everthing disabled went to youtube and from the link on the video downloaded and installed latest flash player without McAfee trick and still nothing.  Repeated the procedure several times with older versions of flash player starting from 9.1 and 10.1. by downloading the archives. Still same thing.

      I have read about this killbit stuff, however I don't even see this class in my registry that everybody is posting about  something "D27CDB6E-******* etc. I have had no viral nor malware nor spyware infestation of any kind on this system.  Flash installed or not no reg class. In IE8 I have everything set to "MEDIUM" as far as security is concern for Internet and Trusted zones.  All checks out there etc.  Popups are disabled and I don't see
      "Shockwave Flash Object" in the "Managed add-ons" in IE after installation of flash player.  In the add/remove programs it shows as it is insalled though.  When going to Flash test page on Adobe site I get red "X" and no animation.  I have been struggling with this for 3 days now watching this forum for possible answers.  Have I missed something or have just joined the crowd of unhappy and very frustrated users.  Any help would be appreciated.  



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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, If you don't have Shockwave Flash Object Installed in IE, then that is why Flash Player is not working and why you see a red x at the Adobe test site.


          Regarding FF, did you use the Flash Player Installer for FF?


          Also when you disabled McAfee and then after Uninstalling FP and before running the FP Installer for IE, did you check to make sure McAfee was still disabled? If not, then perhaps McAfee blocked the Install of the Shockwave Flash Object.


          Before trying to Uninstall/Install again, I would go to www.malwarebytes.org and download to your Desktop the Free Version.

          Then I would Update it. Next Disable McAfee. Close all browser windows,then run a Scan with MBAM(malwarebytes) If anything is found, follow the instructions to remove it. MBAM finds malware that other programs can't. Once the Scan is completed, then re-enable McAfee.


          Let me know on the Scan results.


          Also did you use the Administrator Account?





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            pwillener Level 8

            One additional question: what files do you have in C:\Windows\syswow64\Macromed\Flash ?