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    Frame Rate Issues 29.97 v. 24p

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      I'm importing video footage into Premiere Pro CS5 that I shot with my Canon 5d Mark II.   Some of this footage I imported into Bridge via Photoshop a few months ago and some of this footage I am trying to import into Premiere Pro I imported directly into Bridge from my camera today.


      I shot this footage in 24p. 


      Here is my workflow that is not working for me:


      1.  I open Premiere Pro CS5 and browsing in Bridge, then double click those .mov files in Bridge that I want to import into Premiere Pro.

      2.  When these files open in Premiere Pro CS5, it is importing, reading and displaying them in 29.97.

      3.  When I play this footage back in Premiere Pro it is also regularly and rhythmically herky jerky.  I think this is because of the frame rate disparity.


      Any thoughts?


      Many thanks,