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    Unable to Capture SD video

    Keano66 Level 1

      I have been using CS5 to capture video with no problems until the last few days. I am using CS5 with all updates, Nividia GTX 470 (updated to newest driver), I have tried to capture using a Canon XL2 (PAL) camera and a Sony z5 (using sd settings). What I see in the capture screen is just black - no footage or audio at all. I can control the camera from the PPro capture window ie play it, stop it, rewind etc...

      I have read other posts relating to this problem and have tried their suggestions (logging on with administration rights etc) This is the first time that this has ocurred after many years capturing without problems with PPro. I have tried Scenalyzer but get the info saying something like  that no video is coming from the drivers. I have tried different firewire connections and have installed a new firewire card I have mada a fresh installation of both OS and adobe software.  Any help appreciated!


      Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

      !2 gigs RAM

      i7 930

      Asus P6t

      Nvidia GTX 470