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    Trouble saving multiple documents with Adobe Reader 10


      I am unable to download and save multiple PDF documents from a web site. Since I upgraded to Reader 10 this has been a problem.


      The first document saves with no problem, However I can't save a second document (have tried using the icon on top of the page as well as the one on the new bar on the document).   When I log off the site and go back in I still can not download the second document.

      However, when I log  out and shut down the browser, and then restart the browser I have no problem downloading the second document but can not download another PDF.   I use Firefox 3.6.13 as my browser.


      Is there a solution other than trying to reinstall Adobe 9?

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          After installing Reader 10 (aka Reader X), I had exact same problem --trying to save multiple documents via Firefox browser (up-to-date version 3.6.13), only first document can be saved -- attempts to save 2nd document results in nothing happening.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Reader 10, problem same.  After closing browser, waiting a couple of minutes, could then save 2nd file -- but then could not save 3rd file right away, etc.   Gave up -- uninstalled Reader 10 and went back to Reader 9.4 -- no problems with old version.  Based on other comments on this forum, it seems like Reader 10 is not ready for prime time.