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    Re: New Unofficial Flash Player 11 Standalone Debugger

    DigitalArchitectCanada Community Member

      I'm not quite sure that I should have been able to create an "announcement" on this forum... so just in case I'm not supposed to have been to do that, I'm creating a topic just in case it gets deleted. Here are the details of my "announcement":


      So basically today I found some great tutorials + sample projects on how to make Flash CS5 be able to target Flash player 11. But, there was one issue: can't debug/test (publish preview) the swfs inside Flash CS5. So, I spent a few hours today making a pseudo "standalone" flash player debugger exe to replace the one included in the CS5 install, which allows you to publish preview Flash player 11 content inside the IDE. I did this because when you're REALLY developing, not just testing, the workflow of publishing, leaving your IDE, refreshing a web page and testing your content etc just doesn't flow well. Please note that there is no abobe code compiled in my code, the runtime is not included in it, no copyright software is at all. You must already have Flash 11 installed on your machine, and my program/replacement executable simply acts as an interface to the flash player 11 control. Hope this helpful to the community, for more details visit my blog here: