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    forward play swf on click then reversable same swf on new button click


      Hi there, I have a problem with my webiste and flash catalyst.


      I'm trying to have catalyst play an swf intro to my site, then once it's finished and all the links are displayed, you are able to click on a link and another swf plays and stops diaplying the information the user requested.  Then when another link/button is pressed the current swf reverses to it's initial point and then plays the new swf from the new button that was pressed and then comes to a stop until the new button is pressed.

      The swf's in question will cover the entire web page in terms of size, but will be very quick to load.

      The idea was to have the intro animation to the website load and finish, and then when any of the links/buttons are pressed the animation continues from the rest point and plays a new swf and loads the info requested.  So inorder to achieve this I need the intro swf and a seperate swf for every button and a reversed swf for every button aswell.

      Does anyone know if what i'm trying to do is achieveable.