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    Owen Buddenbaum



      i heard there's a new-andd-faster method for render a 3d scene to a texture


      has it been implemented in director 11.5 ?


      or we must wait director 12 ?

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          tyree_2 Level 2

          render to texture is done in your 3d app of choice not in director

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            Owen Buddenbaum Level 1

            director can do it using lingo imaging


            - use a small 3d sprite, non-direct-to-stage. it's hidden behind the main 3d sprite direct-to-stage


            - make a small image same size:


            dyntex = image(128,128,24)



            then at runtime update the texture like this:



            mzmbzr("3dscene").texture("dynamictexture").image = dyntex




            it works but it's a bit slow because it uses lingo imaging conversion to texture. for a decent applicaiton you can juste render a small texture per frame


            a lot of effects need this real-time camera-to-texture rendering (detailed cast shadows, reflections/refractions, bloom...)


            i heard adobe will implement a faster way to make this camera to texture rendering.


            but i don't know if it's in dir 11.5 or dir 12

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              _lw Level 1

              These new effecs are not available at the moment, but as far as I can tell, there are plans to implement them possibly as updates so we may have not wait until D12. But this is not announced and only second hand info.


              What can be of interest so far is what Allen Partridge (part of the Adobe Director Team)  wrote some days ago while beeing at the GDC 2011:


              "Hello everyone,

              Some folks had asked about GDC so I thought I've give a short report of events thus far.

              It was a busy day on the exhibit floor, we had lots of visitors stop by with questions and to grab some swag (we have pens, t Shirts, the Director Puzzles, and we're giving away some software.)

              We demonstrated several of the newest features (both those already in and previewed those coming up.) The images...




              ... show a demo featuring Bloom, Lens Flare, Bump maps, Normal Maps and Rigid Body Dynamics. We also featured demos with Cloth Dynamics, Character Controller & real-time shadows and reflections leveraging the new render-to-texture solution.

              We spoke generally about Shockwave's role as the leader in online 3D games and celebrated the enormous plug in install base.

              There were a few questions about Molehill and we let people know how happy we are that Flash is beginning to implement 3D with the new GPU access API and talked about some of the ActionScript libraries that third parties are creating to act as 3D engines for developing 3D content that will play in Flash.

              We'll be back at the expo Thurs / Friday and hope to meet many old and new friends there.




              Since the last few Shockwave Player Updates they build in several new little features.


              - Hardware Antialiasing

              - Ageia Cloth

              - Ageia Character Controller

              - beeing able to setting the mouse via lingo so no xtras are nessesary anymore

              - Support for content driven Firefox install of the Shockwave Player


              So, there is a bit hope that a few things could get into the shockwave3D xtra as part of minor updates.




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                _lw Level 1

                I hope it is ok to copy over stuff from the direcor-l mailinglist.


                Here is a bit more information:


                "Pieter Albers wrote:


                Hi all,

                We were fortunate enough to have access to two new features  (RenderToTexture and the normalMap shader) for an upcoming release.  Internally we decided to create a demo in which we could implement these  features as well to show it to the guys at the GDC. Please note that  originally we started it for something else. It is not a game, merely a  ’demo’.

                We used the RenderToTexture effect to simulate bloom, cast realtime shadows and some fakey motion blur.

                All these effects could already be done by using another sprite on stage  and take its images, but the new solution is, as far I can tell, much  faster and of course less messy than using other sprites. It opens up  quite some cool possibilities.

                For the normal map shader we only used it on a barrel and crate. It is  not because of the limitation of the shader, because it can do quite  some things, but because modelling takes a slightly different approach  and we weren’t able to have the i.e. scenery normalmapped in there as  well. I have some tests screenshots of it (including the character)  which I might be able to share. The shader almost works the same as a  normal shader. You can look at it as a ’hardcoded’-normalmap shader  (ps2.0) and you can use normal, diffuse and specular. An additional 3  layers are available for any other texture. For example another lightmap  layer. This is all looking pretty good, although there are a couple of  issues to be sorted out.

                I’ve put some highres screenshots on:

                If you guys want more info please ask!



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                  tyree_2 Level 2

                  I cant believe director is finally getting bump and normal maps. only several years after every other engine began using it. but better late than what appeared to be never

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                    Owen Buddenbaum Level 1

                    i sent a request about the 3d engine... i'd like it to manage a per-triangle culling with a bitmask discarding the rendering of some triangles


                    it would be very useful to optimize the rendering of games


                    i'm afraid adobe won't implement it...

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                      Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

                      >i sent a request about the 3d engine... i'd like it to manage a per-triangle culling with a bitmask discarding the rendering of some triangles
                      >it would be very useful to optimize the rendering of games
                      >i'm afraid adobe won't implement it...

                      Owen - who did you send it to? Did you hear about teh 3D updates discussed in the Director chat?