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    Flex 4 cannot insert new data to database via generated code by Apptacular

    Teerasej Jiraphatchandej Level 1

      Hi, I have a little problem with using Flex 4 with Coldfusion 9. I hope you can tell me what I have to fix.


      I use Coldfusion 9, hosted on my development machine.


      1. I created a table in MySQL database with 2 columns: `idPlayer` as integer and auto increment. 2nd column is `Name`.

      2. I use a ColdFusion Builder extension, Apptacular, to generate solid CFC service for me. It generates `PlayerService.cfc` here.

      3. Now I use Flash Builder 4's data wizard to generate data service class from `PlayerService.cfc`. I create a form on `update` method of that service.

      4. Ok, now look at the generated code.


          // Please uncomment the below line if Data Management is enabled for Player and update is used as the create function.


          // var player:Player = new Player();


      5. So I uncommented the code and run the form. After fill the data, and click update, the pop up appear like this:


          Unable to invoke CFC - Field 'idPlayer' doesn't have a default value

          For details, turn on Robust Exception Information in the ColdFusion Administrator


      5-3-2554 17-12-58.jpg


      So I don't know how Apptacular generate the code to work as ORM. But it should have some way or workaround to let the system act with idPlayer has no default value to insert other columns and generate idPlayer as auto-increment value (as I set in MySQL).


      Could you help me solve this?