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    Fireworks FXG import




      I have a problem while importing FXG content from FW to FC.

      Before explaining the problem, I'm going to introduce the context :

      I'm leading a team which is composed by designers and developpers : we are 12 persons.

      Our goal is to produce an AIR application.


      Our Workflow :

      PhotoShop (CS5) : graphic library

      Fireworks (CS5) : user interface (one file for each main function of the application)

      Flash Catalyst (CS5) : conversion into flex components

      Flash Builder (CS5) : application developement (based on cairngorm 3 and parsley)


      I have no problems between Photoshop and Fireworks or between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.



      Problem :

      I want to import our user interface designed with Fireworks into Flash Catalyst using FXG format.

      It works quite well but FW states are imported at same level of FW pages


      It's a problem because my designers have to remove these states and recreate them at the right level on FC.


      Is it a FW export issue ? If yes, would it be fixed ?

      Is there a better workflow solution ?


      My goal is to simplify as much as possible the workflow : whe have more than 500 screens to create ....

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          Ricavir Level 1

          No answer ? No ideas ??


          I can't find any information about FW states exported to FC !

          Please, help me

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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            Unfortunately, Flash Catalyst's support of FXG from Fireworks is not the best. I would suggest that you create clones of the Fireworks document that contain just the section you need to work with. I have found if I focus on just the smaller parts of the application, my workflow is smoother. I know it is tempting to bring in the whole ui at once, but keeping it smaller and modular as worked for me.


            Good Luck!

            Chris Griffith

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              Ricavir Level 1

              Hello Chris,


              Thank you for your experience... I will take it into account ;-)

              Actually, We plan to have more or less 20 pages per file.


              Do you know if FXG between FW and FC will be improved in next release ?