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        Olav Martin Kvern Level 3

        Harbs wrote: "#4 Quite  often, when I load my extension using the "Attach" feature, I get a  number of error on launch it alwyas stops on line 5649 of  SystemManager.as and the error is always "cannot access aproperty or  method of a null object reference.""


        I've run into this one recently, myself. It comes up when I'm adding InDesign events using the ID host adapter, and it has something to do with attaching the events in an event handler for the CreationComplete event. It happens in both Attach and Debug, and it's intermittent.


        For now, the workaround I've found is to attach the event listeners in a function triggered by the ApplicationComplete event (rather than CreationComplete). I have yet to see the error using this approach.


        Hope this helps!





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          Harbs. Level 6

          Hi Ole,


          Thanks! I'll do that...



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            Anastasiy Safari Level 2

            #23. minWidth of CSXSWindowedApplication with Creative Suite latest updates. (Confirmed on several different computers and platforms on 23 of Feb, 2011)


            It wasn't happening at least  a half of the year ago with clean CS installation with no updates.


            This is true for Dreamweaver/Flash. This is sometimes true for Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign - I tested it remotely, and cannot tell the exact case when it happens on PS/ID/AI. On Dw/Fl it happens 100%.


            When you set minWidth on CSXSWindowedApplication with the  latest updates to CS5, the suite will strangerly resize your panel to  this minWidth whenever you try to set this.width.


            The test case is very simple:


            <csxs:CSXSWindowedApplication minWidth="10" applicationComplete="on_creation_complete()"  xmlns:csxs="com.adobe.csxs.core.*" xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" historyManagementEnabled="false">


                        private function on_creation_complete(): void


                            // the following line will scale the panel to its minWidth value instead of 500

                            this.width = 500;
                            this.height = 500;
                <mx:VBox height="100%" width="100%" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">


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              RalphBlakely Level 1

              Hi Anastasiy,

              I opened bug 2823836 against Adobe CSXS in regards to your bug. Thanks for reporting it.


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                Hoang_Huynh Level 1

                Have any of you known a workaround to bug #3? Or is there any other suggestion to save custom properties/data to an InDesign document?




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                  PhotoSì Level 1

                  Any news regarding the DragNDrop issue #11?

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                    DBarranca Level 4

                    #24. Documentation is not in sync with current CS SDK


                    Although is not an actual bug, it may be worth mentioning here: there are parts of the official documentation (I'm referring to the one opened by Extension Builder) which suggest CS6-only code that fails/doesn't exist.

                    Some of them I've bumped into:


                    CSInterface.instance.launchBrowser("http://www.adobe.com"); // .launchBrowser() method doesn't exist

                    CSInterface.PhotoshopRegisterEvent()  // .PhotoshopRegisterEvent() doesn't exist


                    ExternalInterface.addCallback("PhotoshopCallback" + CSInterface.getExtensionId(), myPhotoshopCallback); // CSInterface.getExtensionId() doesn't exist


                    But I suspect there may be others - all pertaining to new CS6 only features.


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                      DBarranca Level 4

                      #25: (Photoshop) Panels lose their entire content (get empty) after user input

                      This is really weird - it's been tested on Photoshop CS6 (Mac) on extensions made either with Extension Builder 2.0 and Configurator 3. It affects Kuler as well!


                      To replicate:


                      1. Set the extension this way:

                      by default 2012-06-30 at 21.28.39.png


                      2. Open it clicking on the button:

                      by default 2012-06-30 at 21.28.50.png


                      3. Click on the >>



                      4. Voilà!

                      by default 2012-06-30 at 21.29.01.png

                      And there's nothing to do - unless you restart Photoshop.

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                        Harbs. Level 6


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                          DBarranca Level 4

                          Confess Harbs, how many support emails like "The panel is empty! Nothing shows! What the heck!"

                          Could you gently test it on InDesign?

                          Just curious...!

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                            Harbs. Level 6

                            Too many, but that's usually caused by uncaught errors...


                            I tried it in ID and it works fine. It's probably a Photoshop-specific bug...



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                              RorohikoKris Level 2

                              #26. Opening window fails in Photoshop CS6.


                              I have a very similar issue to #21 in Photoshop CS6; it looks almost the spitting image.


                              Here is what I've found until now:

                              - With EB 1.5 it works fine.

                              - With EB 2.0 + Flex 3.4.0 (as to support CS5 and CS5.5): it works in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop CS5 and CS5.5. In Photoshop CS6 the problem occurs. 


                              On Mac, I get a hard crash. On Windows, I get some exceptions being thrown (pretty much identical as seen with bug #21 in DreamWeaver), so I was able to get some more info from that.


                              As far as I can tell, the issue is that Photoshop CS6 fails to properly create a new NativeWindow. The call var nw: NativeWindow = new NativeWindow(nativeWindowOptions); returns a NativeWindow structure where the closed attribute is set to true - i.e. immediately upon creation the native window is already closed, and hence unusable.


                              Wrapped inside the Window.open() method, there is a call to new NativeWindow(...), which fails, and as a result all the rest of the code becomes very unhappy, and throws exceptions Error: Error #3200: Cannot perform operation on closed window.


                              When I poke inside the newly created NativeWindow, there seems to be a lot of rubbish (in addition to it having closed == true); the window geometry information is off the charts.


                              To see the issue, simply create a new dummy extension project in EB 2.0. Target applications and version: 'Creative Suite 5 and higher', 'Photoshop'.


                              In the sample run() function for the sample button, add the following code:


                              var nwo: NativeWindowInitOptions = new NativeWindowInitOptions();

                              var nw: NativeWindow = new NativeWindow(nwo);


                              Make your debugger stop after the nw is created. Inspect the contents of nw - you'll see closed: true.


                              I tried various things with the NativeWindowInitOptions (e.g. setting an owner and so on) but had no luck.





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                                PhotoSì Level 1

                                #26. Opening window fails in Photoshop CS6.


                                I have a similar issue too.


                                I have a plugin made with EB 1.5 for photoshop CS5 and CS5.5 than uses

                                Window.open() method.


                                On Mac with Photoshop CS6 stopped to work after upgrade to version 13.0.4, so I tryed to upgrade to EB but I can't manage to open windows in any way, it doesn't works with mx:Windows and s:Windows.


                                What can be changed in this Photoshop update about this problem?

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                                  ABergman22 Level 1

                                  #26. Opening window fails in Photoshop CS6.


                                  I have the same problem. Customers are starting to update PS from 13.0.1/3 to 13.0.4 and the plug-in becomes unusable. PS crashes when a window opened in the extension.


                                  This bug can be verified with the CSXSWindows sample in Extension Builder 2.0




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                                    lesavage Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Anders,


                                    If you specify the following values for the Window does it resolve the issue?


                                    minHeight, maxHeight, minWidth and maxWidth


                                    Kind regards,


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                                      brianreavis Level 1



                                      I'm having the same issue and just tried setting minWidth, maxWidth, minHeight, maxHeight before calling open()... Photoshop still crashes.


                                      - Brian

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                                        brianreavis Level 1

                                        Creating a flyout menu item labeled "Support..." will appear as "Support".

                                        var panelMenu:XML = <Menu />;
                                        panelMenu.appendChild(<MenuItem Label="Support..." Id="support" />);

                                        Is this some botched internationalization issue? For kicks, if you create an item as "SSupport...", it will maintain the ellipsis.

                                        • 57. Re: CS SDK bugs
                                          Harbs. Level 6

                                          Did you use three dots or an ellipsis character?

                                          • 58. Re: CS SDK bugs
                                            brianreavis Level 1

                                            Three dots (as shown in the example). Using any other string in front of the dots causes the strange behavior to not to happen.

                                            • 59. Re: CS SDK bugs
                                              _VG Level 1

                                              Hi All,


                                              I have created a simple extension for InDesign CS6 using Flash Builder 4.6 and Extension Builder 2.1. The panel has a button. I open the panel from the menu and it opens fine. Now I close InDesign and restart InDesign. I see that the panel is loaded but the button is not there. When I do some action like move the panel or open a new document, the button appears on the panel. Why the button doesn't appear on the panel on restarting InDesign?


                                              Is this a known bug?

                                              Is there any workaround or fix?



                                              Thanks in advance,

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