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    is ADC still alive?  can it provide (downloadable) ping use list?


      I have fairly modest needs.  I want my pdf documents to expire in 3 years, and I want to get a log of IPs (accounts or emails would be better, but IP is enough) from anyone who opens my documents.  that's it.  no passwords, no complexities required.


      ADC seems to do the first, but I am not sure about the second.  is there a way to get a list of who pinged the adobe server on behalf of a need to open the document?


      as importantly, the activity on this forum, the web reviews, and the buzz around ADC makes it seem as if ADC is defunct.  of course, the forum lack of activity could be because it is difficult to figure out how to get a post button.  even after being logged in, one needs to click the login/register button again in order to see a post button.  took me a while.


      is ADC alive and well?  are there hosted similarly-low-cost alternatives that would allow me to have my documents expire and give me a log of viewing activity?  it's not about cost.  ADC pricing is ok.  it's about wanting to use a product that will work for years to come.


      any opinions and feedback would be appreciated.