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    Project ideas

    nick2price Level 1

      Hey, as the title suggest, I am looking for some project ideas.  At this moment in time, I want to use flash and AS3, but I can only think of websites or games.  The problem is that this is expected to be a high quality project, as part of university work, so it needs to be quite a large project.  Also, there should really be a good reason for creating the project.  What other things could AS3 be used for besides websites and games?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The world is full of program-based tools, so try to think of something that might be of practical use to a student at your school, or maybe a professor, or maybe the average homeowner... or any other form of managerial functionality that might require some data management, catalogue elements, graphic presentation, etc.

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            I need help with a drag and drop project.  Its never been done and interesting and different. Interested?

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              The Feldkircher Level 2



              I find it helps to be interested in the subject matter, think of something you like and go from there.

              Flash is more than Banners, Sites and Animation, it's can be used for just about anything you can imagine.


              Although it's best not to try and re-invent the wheel, somethings are just easier to do in other plaforms.


              Hope it helps.

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                inc2000 Level 1

                i agree with u..but i think im in the same boat..but i decided to work on something that i 'like to do' . i issue is that Adobe had so many cool stuff to tinker with that i just nab widgets and stuff to pratice on later.  will keep u all posted.