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    Repeated file loss in PS CS5

    TomCA0 Level 1

      We have been having repeated loss of files when saving to network drives from PS CS5, version 12.0.1. This is on MacPro, 3.32GHz, 16GB RAM, NVidia GeForce GT 120 w 512 RAM on card. This especially occurs when pulling up an existing PS file into CS5 working with it and then saving it back. After repeated saves (3 or 4) the file will no longer save with "unexpected end of file encountered ...". Fortunately, the file has still been on the screen and saveable to the desktop, but not always. A recent save resulted in complete loss of the file on the network drive. The network drive is accessed via smb protocol. We have also gotten the error "Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM)." This is coming up several times a day among the three designers on identically configured machines. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated -- Best, Tom

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          Something is wrong with the server or network.

          Until that can be resolved, don't save over the network -- save the file locally, then copy it over the network via the Finder (which is what we normally recommend, given all the things that can go wrong with network file systems).


          And why the default MacOS APIs can't handle error correction over the network is a mystery to us as well, but the Finder does additional error checking and will usually catch more network errors.

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            TomCA0 Level 1

            Thanks, Chris.

            That is essentially what we have been doing, but it is a bit of a pain, as I am sure you are aware. Because this started happening when we switched to PS CS5 I wanted to find out whether anyone had run into a similar situaiton and whether there was a work around. Obviously there is some conflict whether in the inability of smb to handle the transfer or whether our server OS is out of date (Solaris 5.9) or whether there is something else that might be interfering with the saving of CS PS 5 files. There are two recent changes here, after which we have observed these file saving errors: one, we upgraded our PPC G5's to Intel G5's, and two, the other change is we installed CS5. We still have our 2004 Solaris 5.9 server and are using smb. Does this bring anything else to mind? -- Tom

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              TomCA0 wrote:


              …we upgraded our PPC G5's to Intel G5's…


              There is no such animal.  All G5 Macs are PPC machines. 


              If they have an Intel CPU, they are Mac Pros, not G5s.

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                As for your issue, please check this old post as an example of many old threads explaining why Adobe can't support working across a network:






                Wo Tai Lao Le


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                  We see similar problems with networks all the time (and have been for as long as I've been working on Photoshop).

                  We haven't seen anything really specific to CS5 yet - but we did change a few OS file APIs when moving to Cocoa. The new file APIs could be more or less sensitive to network problems (hard to know until you find the perfect malfunctioning server).


                  No, I don't know of any particular bugs in that server version - but that is a bit old, and there are probably a lot of SMB server fixes since then.

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                    TomCA0 Level 1

                    Thanks Tai Lao -- I wasn't being particularly accurate on that, but I am

                    glad you understood me anyway. - Tom

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                      TomCA0 Level 1

                      I checked these out and see what you mean. I never expected Adobe to take on

                      my network problems, but in hopes that there was some known issue and fix

                      for what is going on with our machines, I wanted to ask. The problem is new

                      to PS CS5, for whatever reason. Another factor: CS5 is new and my server is


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                        Again: Photoshop CS5 is a Cocoa application, and uses slightly different file APIs compared to Photoshop CS4, which was based on the Carbon APIs.

                        Those OS APIs may have different problems with networked filesystems.  We don't control the code in those file APIs, so we can't tell exactly where they might do better or worse. We've tested with many networked servers on many different protocols and haven't found any problems -- but, again, there's always that one special server.....


                        So, yes, there is a change in CS5 - it calls different code in MacOS.  It should be working, but something with your network setup isn't working.

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                          TomCA0 Level 1

                          Thanks again. Still a lot to learn, and I hope to learn to make the perfect

                          functioning server. If I do track this down to a tangible fault, I will post

                          what I find.

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                            Hey Tom,

                            I too experience issues when trying to save to a network drive.


                            It just started happening when the IT department reformatted my machine (MAC) and installed Snow Leopard. I was previously running Leopard, and saving CS5 files to a network drive was seamless.


                            Since the OS upgrade I get all sorts of unexpected behavior when trying to Save files. Sometimes the file completely disappears, more frequently though I get a "Could not save 'FILE' because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered.", which forces me to use the "Save As" command. If I don't "Save As" after seeing that error the file will no longer be visible in the finder when browsing the network drive???


                            I'm not sure what's causing this weirdness but I can confirm that I wasn't having these issues before the Leopard -> Snow Leopard (10.6.6) upgrade.


                            Look forward to hearing if anyone else has experienced these issues and has a solution to the problem.


                            Thanks, r/c

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                              Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

                              I have noticed various things about file opening and saving in CS5. It seems to be less efficient, (ie there is a weird pause) and generally slower. In CS4 it all runs smooth as clockwork, in CS5 there are inexplicable pauses and a general feeling of inefficiency. This is noticeable even more so, on large files.

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                                TomCA0 Level 1



                                We. too, experienced problems with the Snow Leopard upgrade (from 10.6.3 on through to 10.6.6). But since my original post, I have also put an OS X 10.6.5 server on line. It seems to perform better than my main server, which is the Solaris one. I have not heard of as many problems with this saving and file-disappearance issue. I am continuing to monitor and have informed the designers here to be sure to watch their files closely and as needed save locally. I haven't narrowed it down much more than that, unfortunately.




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                                  stephan glathe

                                  Chris: We too, have the same problems after the upgrade to CS5 and Snow Leopard. In our case, it's happening EVERY time we save to a mapped network drive on an other MAC.

                                  Also, Indesign has comparable issues after the upgrade. Is that using Cocoa APIs too? 





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                                    InDesign CS5 is not using Cocoa APIs.


                                    But, again, there are good reasons why we don't support opening and saving over the network.

                                    We're still investigating issues that appear to be MacOS bugs involving file operations with a network server.  But those problems don't seem to exist when opening or saving locally.

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                                      Has anyone with this problem upgraded to OSX Lion 10.7 and noticed that the issue went away?