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    stop the softwares to capture the desktop

    farhanakhan Level 1
      is ther any way to stop the differnet software to capture the desktop through director

      i made the big application in the director and now i i want to make it secure so i wana to stop desktop capture

      is there any other language code whici i use in the director tell me how i will do this
      i m waiting for the response

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          Level 7
          You will need to do a whole lot of research into each and every screen
          capture program in existence and find out from the manufacturer how to
          circumvent their product. So, basically, no. It is really naive to
          think that once a person has anything on their computer that they will
          not find a way to copy it or pieces of it if they want to. It is the
          reason that movie studios and record companies spend millions of dollars
          on copy protection when all it does is make the legitimate user's lives
          uncomfortable, and doesn't slow the pirates down at all. The best you
          can hope to do is block out the print screen button (as was answered in
          one of your numerous cross-posts) and thus block out the casual copier.
          Anyone who really wants to get a screenshot will be able to no matter
          what you try to do to prevent it.

          For instance, one could use a virtualization program like VMWare, open
          the program in the virtual machine, then take the screenshot from the
          host machine.

          Or one could open the program on one computer, then connect to it with a
          screen sharing program like NetMeeting and take a screenshot that way.

          You can remap the screen capture function of Windows to a different key

          These are just off the top of my head. There are many other ways around
          it for someone who really wants to get around it.

          You can not stop it. Your best bet is to do your due diligence and
          prevent it from being too easy.