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    Convert to component wizard not working

    DarrenBiz Community Member

      When I run the Convert to Component wizard with the tool, I get a dialogue that I cannot close. I then have to force close Eclipse and restart the project again. The tool seems to work but I cannot close or exit the Dialog window at all.


      Then when I restart, the project has the following error:



      The container 'LiveCycle ES2' references non existing library 'D:\Apps\eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\689\1\.cp\libs\common\adobe-livec ycle-client.jar'



      Am wondering if the two things are related?

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          According to my knowledge, the main function of the LiveCycle Workbench ES Component Development Tool is the New LiveCycle Component Wizard and the Editor on component.xml, while the Convert to component wizard you mentioned is not a part of this tool .

          Could you help explain the usage of "Convert to component wizard" in details, I am wondering if this wizard is introduced by other elicpse plugin but not this Component Development Tool.


          Thanks a lot for using our procuct and sharing your experience.



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            DarrenBiz Community Member

            Hi Rex,


            I am creating a new Java project (File > New > Java Project) then I right click the new Project in Package Explorer and click Configure > Convert to Livecycle Component Project. Eclipse then shows a Dialog where I can select which projects I want converted. You then tick the checkbox, click Finish and the project gets a component.xml but you cannot close the dialog without force closing the Eclipse instance. Actually, as soon as the dialog is opened, you cannot close it at all without force closing Eclipse.


            This is the latest LCWCD tool and Eclipse Galileo (3.5.2).



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              kaigao1215 Community Member


              I am sorry to inform you that, the feature of Convert to component wizard was not ready in the release build you installed. Please do not use this feature on your work any more.

              I could say sorry again for the bad user experience and the inconvenience introduced by this issue.


              Thank you again for sharing the problem with us and descripting it in details.