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    QTP not able to spy on the Acro objects


      We're trying to validate PDF content using QTP 10.0 and the Adobe PDF Tool Kit (Aptt).

      Our issue is that QTP is not able to spy on the Acro objects nor can we add then to the Object Repository.

      We tried a bit of troubleshooting and these are our observations so far.

      The AcroQTP Add-in is loaded and I can see the object classes in QTP but none of the objects are being recognized

      Tried to run the demo tests which came with the Aptt. QTP is not able to identify the PDFDoc object from these tests either.

      We've installed Acrobat Pro X (and uninstalled Reader)

      Tried all of the above on 2 separate machines (Windows XP with SP3)

      Would you please help us out with this? Have we missed anything?