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    AS2 and RTMFP

    Robert Mc Dowell Level 4

      Hi Support,


      This question is extremly important for us.

      we can get a massive contract with a big company

      to upgrade their internal flash system to profit of

      p2p and Multicast network with RTMFP.

      the problem is tthe whole system is programmed in AS2 and

      works very well. Obviously hey absolutly don't want to invest

      ages and money to reprogram all in AS3, but of course

      they planned to buy flash media entreprise server as soon as possible

      So my question is simple:

      Is AS2 NetConnection and NetStream classes compatible with RTMFP ?





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          I don't know about AS2 and NetStream P2P capabilities, but I have an idea:


          Create a communication AS3 app that will communicate with your old application via flash.net.LocalConnection.

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            Robert Mc Dowell Level 4

            Hi Tomas,


            thanks for your answer. I'm surprised that in this forum no Adobe guys answered to my thread...

            Anyway, Yes of course I thought to this solution, but the system will be to burden to manage and update if

            we use the local connection. The reality is Adobe wants to forget the hundred of thousands AS2 users and developers

            by simply ignore this actionscript version. it's a big business mistake, as a programming language that just started 6 years ago doesn't have to be stopped only by political business decision.

            In more, to decide as this, they lose potential flash media server buyers and upgraders, like the company we are working for (more than $4500 less in the Adobe shopping cart for our case if AS2 is not compatible)

            AS2 is used by a lot of designer/developers yet, so please Adobe don't forget them, or soon or late they will choose another long term technology competitor...

            it's my tow cents...

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              Robert Mc Dowell Level 4

              In FAC of PDF Doc:


              How will developers work with RTMFP?


              RTMFP enables developers to establish direct end user to end user peering communication
              between two or more Adobe Flash Players or applications built using the Adobe AIR framework
              delivery of live, real‐time data. RTMFP is similar to RTMP for client‐server connections because
              RTMFP has full support for all the Flash Media Server functionality currently found in RTMP,
              including live streaming, recording and playback, shared objects, and remote function calls.


              ActionScript developers will use ActionScript (2 or 3)
              to establish a NetConnection with a future version of Flash Media Server.
              To make direct connections between Flash player 10 clients, new extensions have been a



              So ?

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                What was the final determination on this?  Are you able to use the RTMFP protocol with a Flash app written in AS2?  I am in the same boat as you (updating an older app written in AS2) and I am currently running into some problems establishing an RTMFP connection.  I am just trying to determine if it is simply the version of ActionScript that is killing the deal.



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                  Robert Mc Dowell Level 4

                  Yes, you can't apparently  use AS2 to connect a RTMFP protocol,

                  the only way is to use a AS2 to AS3 bridge

                  Thank you Adobe....