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        raspberryjuice Level 1

        I had a couple of quick questions regarding RAID and best disk set up on a PC for my requirements, if anybody had the time to help......



        1st question: I mainly edit 3 - 4 minute video shorts to music.  I film on an EOS7d and a Sony Camcorder (HDV). I do this as a hobby not professionally or for pay.  My main requirement for RAID is a belt and braces approach for ensuring that my original video files and photos never get lost.  I've just had a NAS expire that wasn't RAID so was considering replacing it with one that was.

        Given that I only do this for fun - I was thinking of storing all my video and photo content on a NAS with four 2TB disks (RAID 1) and then copying across to my PC only the files that I need to perform an edit.  I've seen the Synology 410j which appears like it might do the trick.


        If I then lose my work in progress on the PC - it is no big deal (annoying - but as I'm doing this as a hobby I could live with losing WIP as long as my original files are always protected).


        Does this sound like a sensible thing to do - given I don't really think I need the cost of a dedicated RAID card on a PC and I will use the NAS for other things - like music for my Sonos system etc?



        2nd question:  I have a reasonable spec PC - but think I made a mistake with my hard disk set up.   Basically, if all my content is protected on my NAS, I just want the fastest performance for editing and from the built in disks on my PC.  Clearly if I can get RAID cheaply on the PC then great - but speed and stability is most important.


        I currently have 1 x boot drive with a 250GB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE.

        I then have 2 x 2TB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 32MB CACHE in RAID 0 (stripe)


        Basically I'd like to speed up the editing process on the PC.  I have i7 920, 12GB CORSAIR XMS3 TRI-DDR3 1333MHz, ASUS® P6T WS PROFESSIONAL, 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX285 PCI EXPRESS, Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit  and the hard disks I mentioned above.


        The maximum size of content for an edit consists of 80gb worth of Cineform files.  So if I copy that from a NAS to the PC I can then start an edit.  (I use Adobe Creative Suite 4.1)


        What disk configuration should I get on my PC?

        How should I structure them?

        What files should I put where?


        Happy to pay for small SSDs for boot drive etc if that makes a difference?

        Or perhaps Velociraptors?



        The main reason for making the editing as quick as possible is that I have limited time.  This is a hobby and I have a real job so need to get edits done as quickly as possible.


        Thanks in advance if anybody has the time to advise / help.

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          SimonGTXT Level 1

          Well Thankyou Harm, that is the most useful info on RAID I have found on the net. Unfortunately the net also led me to a page where someone stated that 'editing HD movies in APP is futile without RAID'. Reading through everyone's posts on here, this is obviously an untrue or old statement so I'm looking to find some trustworthy advice on the best setup for editing my daughter's HD .mov's shot on a Kodak V1273 at 1280 x 720. Data Rate 7.14 mbits/sec. I currently have:

          Mobo: AsRock 4Core1333 viiv

          CPU:  LGA775 Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 (2.80 stock, it's at 3.6 atm)

          RAM: 1GB Ballistix Tracer, 1GB GEIL 667 (DDR2)

          GPU:  Sapphire Vapor-x HD5770 1GB

          HDD:  2xWDC WD1600JS-75NCB2 (Western Digital 160gb, one has had a lot of use and is slower and noisier than the other)

                    1xST3808110AS (Seagate 80GB)


          This is obviously inadequate to edit HD movs and I am looking to upgrade next month. I only have the trial version of APP 4.0 CS4 and I will be purchasing a licence key and Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit with my (son's!) new build.

          I am looking at upgrading the MOBO, RAM and HDD's to:

          Mobo:   ASUS P5Q Deluxe P45                      £129.99 GBP

          Ram:    PC2-8500+ OCZ Reaper (2x2GB)         £ 99.99

          HDD's:  4x WDC Black 640GB 6GB/s              £ 54.99 each so I think £119.96?


          My must have's for Mobo are: LGA775 (I don't have the money go i5  or i7), e-SATA and good o.c.-ing abilities/stability. The ASUS has these.

          I don't have the money to move onto i7 yet and even i5 boards with SATA 6GB/s connections are too pricey with the CPU.

          My budget is only about £ 450.


          I think the question is:

          1. Does anyone know if there is / should I wait for a board that's LGA775 DDR2 e-SATA (e-SATA is a must) with 6GB/s SATA or would my upgraded system above without 6GB/s be sufficient when set out right?

          2. If the above system is fine, would I be better or worse off RAID-ing for performance?


          Thankyou Everyone your input will be greatly appreciated.