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    TCS 3 trial won't install RoboHelp & Framemaker

    JaneBeckman Level 1

      Hopefully, I own't need this, and someone in tech support will figure it out. But for 3 days, I've been getting Error 7 and now Error 6 from the installer, when it gets to Frame and Robohelp. We've uninstallled TCS 1, run the cleaner, tried re-installation. The CS5 components and Photoshop install fine, but it fails on what we really need it for, Frame and Robohelp.


      I have a project underway, and we were hoping TCS would make the Help easier. Now I can't use anything. If it doesn't install soon (we have 27 days left on the trial, but that's not the issue--getting work done is), I'll try to re-install TCS 1.0, and hope this didn't impact it.


      My boss is not feeling warm and fuzzy about a possible department upgrade, based on this.


      Any help or suggestions for getting the two crucial components installed is appreciated. I'd go for standalone trials, but I hear those don't have the attractive couplings between the tools.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not a good idea to try a trial on the same machine that you've already got TCS installed (just general best practices). But now that you've mucked it up, I would give Adobe Support a call - they might be able to get you sorted out - it's usually a freebie. Did you try running Revouninstaller to clean up all traces of Adobe stuff before trying to install again? I'm assuming you've got full admin rights to your machine?

          BTW - running the trial & installing the upgrade aren't the same experience.

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            Hi ,



            Please make sure that you run the set-up from a path that does not contain unicode characters or spaces.

            If problem persists, please provide us the following information so that we can identify the issue with your installation:


            1) Go to Temp directory ( type %temp%  in Start Menu->Run) and create a new file with the name ribs3debug ( please make sure that this file should not have any extension)

            2) Make sure no other Adobe product is running

            3) Run the set-up again

            4) Once the set-up exits, go to <ProgramFileFolder>\Common Files\Adobe\Installers and share the installation log generated with the name Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3 (time stamp).log.gz.








            FrameMaker Engineering Team

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