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    Input parameter types

    Michael.Imhoff Community Member

      Hey Everyone,


      I'm curious if there is a way to get around having to specify the full package for the input type such as <input-parameter name="departmentCd" required="true" type="String"> instead of <input-parameter name="departmentCd" required="true" type="java.lang.String">.  It's convenient to use the gui to add a service, but I find myself manually updating each of these types.  I also found that if I specify public void someMethod(java.lang.String foo) it automatically pulls it in, but that's obviously not ideal.


      Appreciate your feedback,


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          Hey Michel,

          I reproduced your senario on my side and found it is rational to make an improvement on the Component Development Tool to resolve the trouble you encounter.

          The change taken on the tool is that when selecting java.lang.string as an input/output parameter of an operation, the generated function Java class would be String someMethod(String foo) instead of java.lang.String someMethod(java.lang.String foo).

          The update will come up in next release.


          Thank you again for using our product and sharing your experience with us. The product would be better by your valuable advice.



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            Michael.Imhoff Community Member

            Hello Rex,


            I'm very excited to see that change coming down the pipe.  Is there anyway to make it smart enough to handle custom data types as well?  I always assumed that I could add my packages to runtime --> import classes and that it should import them as necessary.  Is there a mailing list to learn when new versions are released?




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              kaigao1215 Community Member

              Hi Michael,

              Untill now, there is no plan for us to develop the feature of generating component with custom data type automatically, so this feature will not come up in next release. As a result, you need to do coding manually to add a custom data type as input/output.

              However, your requirement is very valuable for us to design enhancement feature for this tool in further release.


              Thank you again,