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    Lacks Notifications


      I am impressed with CS Review but one thing its definitely lacking is notifications. After you invite somebody to the review (and they get their email) there are no further notifications when you add new parts or make changes or new comments. So you need to manually email your client or team member, telling them to check out the changes - which is cumbersome.


      Maybe, I've missed this and its hidden away somewhere (because it seems pretty important) but if not, there really needs to be an option that lets you (preferably manually) notify reviewers of updates.

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          Yea that's a major issue for me too. It might even be a deal-breaker for some people. I don't even see a way from the acrobat screen that lists everything whether there is a change (although I might have missed it).

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            Tourism Strategies

            I support the request for a way of notifying a user that a file has been updated - CS Live Review has great potential and we're enjoying using it :-)

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              Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              perhaps an on/off switch would work for those who want and those who don't???

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                michaelwallen Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the feedback! We're thinking about a few different ways to provide notifications. There is a fine line between a good system and bad one (annoying...in your face... bothersome... too many emails). Question for you folks- Do you have any favorite collaboration services, web sites, or applications that have a notification system that works really well for you and your peers? If so what do you like about them?


                Mike Wallen

                Principal Product Manager, CS Review

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                  amsadowski Level 1

                  What could be another option (if email doesn't work or a user doesn't want email notification) is a browser plugin for notification or have an AIR app developed which does this. As long as there is some way for users to be notified.

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                    Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    Like this idea!

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                      duke_duke Level 1

                      The Air app doesnt really work for me. Because I get clients to annotate concepts and getting them to download extra software can get messy.


                      We could simply have an option to manuallly notify users of changes (with an optional custom message). So you'd get an email saying "changes have been made to the review" without getting specific on whether its a comment or new part etc.

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                        Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                        Please do not take this as a "smart" reply but what has happened to the direct contact- i.e. phone. As much as I hate the things and perfer email a live voice especially with a client who isn't half way around the world is often the best way to communicate in discussing ideas on work you are presenting. As much as I love to have everything I want in a software prog. sometimes too much is too much. Wonderful aspirations are great and 99% of the time they do work. Old saying "you can please some of the people some of the time but... not all the people all the time.


                        P.S. one thing I would love to see here is spell check- take it from one who can't and is a lousy typer... Thanks for letting me voice!

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                          hearightnow Level 1

                          deal breaker for sure! love the software. but without notifications.. it seems pointless.. I used Google Chrome to create an "Application Shortcut" for acrobat.com. I just leave it open. It goes to "sleep" but you can see the little red stars next to things that have unread comments. I see it as a second inbox. Seamless integration into google docs, gmail, and good calendar would be EPIC!!!

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                            I've just started using from CS5 and am also finding this lack annoying as the reviewers can't find their way back to the site without the link being re-given. Doesn't save time if you have to keep sending emails manually.

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                              Just adding a me too. This should be a priority.

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                                NVision4D-Rob Level 1

                                It's been almost a year since this thread started and I don't see any sign of Notifications being implemented. I'm a new user of CS Review and could be mistaken but I can't find anything about it if it is now available.

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                                  Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                  Not yet. Hopefully it is on the docket to impliment in the near future, but I still think clients like the fact that their designers contact them directly not via another source.

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                                    gishnetwork Level 1

                                    Katharine, the Desinger -> Client is only one relationship. There can be many within the Clients org that also update the system and it's not cute to require them to go through undulations to notify everyone.


                                    Furthermore, if one is only a designer, they may have the time. I know that I am a very busy person and trying to manually notify everyone linked to particular project is pretty rediculous for it being 2011 and all.



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                                      Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                      being "only a designer" does not mean that time is unending.... we juggle many things within a given amount of space. I wear many hats as it sounds that you do also. Organization is part of that role and one that I take seriously!

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                                        artdoggy Level 1

                                        Have to say though, this is a feature that has been asked for quite a lot and is an essential for making CS Review truly usable. I really can't understand why it would take a year to add this.

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                                          Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                          I concur!

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                                            NiseQ Level 1

                                            I have to agree. I stopped using review for this very reason.

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                                              My model for the "right" way to handle email alerting is taken from what Microsoft does in SharePoint. They allow a lot of control over the frequency (immediate, daily, weekly digest), and over what "triggers" the alert (all changes, changes made by someone other than myself, changes that only would appear in a particular custom filtered "view" of the data, replies to stuff I posted, only when something new is added, etc.)


                                              It's easy to use, and my users, many of whom are not particularly computer literate, have no trouble tuning it to fit their needs and have come to rely on it.



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                                                Melissa2007 Level 1

                                                I have the same issue with lack of notification. Even if there wasn't constant notification for every comment and so on, it would be nice when certain functions are processed to  be able to choose to notify the reviews. For instance, when I'm doing a magazine layout, I upload the cover to get the approval process going while I'm working on other pages. Then add pages. It would be great if it would notify the reviewers when pages are added.


                                                We've noticed when pages are deleted or added, the reviewer doesn't have to refresh the browser (this may be browser setting???). Is there a way a sound could also play when it automatically refreshes? Nothing as annoying as "you've got mail":) So far, when we use CS Live, it tends to get left up on the browser, so a short sound notification would be a reminder without having to deal with all the email.


                                                Our company has used Yammer and it has possibilities. Internally everyone was onboard uploading the app. We haven't migrated to using CS Live for external customers, but I understand the apprehension mentioned above when considering our sales reps or customers having to download an app and figure it out.


                                                Ideally, whatever route Adobe decides to go with, it would be appreciated if there are options to turn the notifications on and off.