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    Audio married in DualEyes sounds like fuzz in PPCS5

    evie_harris Level 1

      I have checked the many forum threads and FAQ's and can't find this addressed, though it doubtless has been:


      I am cutting a feature on which the video was shot with a Canon 7d and the audio recorded externally onto .wav files.  I transcoded all of the footage and then used DualEyes and Quicktime to marry the external audio to them and started cutting in Final Cut Pro 6.  I became unhappy with FCP's playback on my system and was uncomfortable about the transcode process in general, so decided to try Premiere Pro and downloaded the trial version.


      In PPCS5 I dragged over my original footage to test it out and was impressed with how it looked and played back, so decided to cut in it for real.  This meant marrying the DualEyes files to the untranscoded video files now too, which I did with one batch.  When I try to edit those, however, the external audio sounds like fuzz.  Stranger still, when I drag just the audio files into PPCS5 they play just fine.  I realize I could therefore marry the audio and video within PPCS5, but it would downmix my several channels to two and I am not comfortable with that.


      My sequence settings list the audio as being 48.000 Hz and seem not to be customizable at least on the trial version of PPCS5.


      Quicktime's inspector identifies my audio files as being:


      24-bit Integer (Little Endian) 4 Channels, 48.000 kHz


      And the audio on the married Quicktimes I am editing as being that plus the same thing again at 16-bit, which is the camera's internal audio track (which plays fine under the fuzz.)


      Certain settings that might be able to address this are grayed out in the PPCS5 trial version, which is maddening and can only frustrate potential customers as has been hashed out elsewhere. 


      So, does anyone know or can anyone direct me to a message that covers this problem?  How do I get PPCS5 to play my digital audio when married to a quicktime externally?  An obsolete version of FCP can do it, so it can't be all that exotic or difficult.


      Thank you.