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    Installing CS5 on a Non-System/OS Drive


      For the last few years I have been maintaining a desktop system where the only thing installed on my C drive was the windows XP OS.  All my programs files and data files were kept on other separate physical drives that I had installed into my desktop chassis.  This approach seemed to slow down the inevitable speed and efficiency degradation that happens over time as you install more an more programs on to your computer.  This was particularly evident in my boot up time as it continued be remain fairly quick.


      I recently built a new machine but have yet to intall the OS and applications as I just haven't had the time to do it.  My new configuration includes a solid state drive on which I plan to install the OS, as you would expect.  That said, I realized that installing CS5 on to the other drive  (Western DIgital Caviar Green 1 TB SATA drive) may not give me the best performance when I am using applications like photoshop.  I'm curious if anyone out there knows whether installing CS5 on a normal SATA drive as opposed to the solid state system drive will make a difference in performance?  Or is it enough to simply set the SSD drive as the location for the scratch disk?


      Thanks for any advice!