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    why isn't flash player being recognised?



      I've been unable to view internet videos etc for about 3 weeks.   It was working fine before then. I get the message "You need to upgrade Flash to version 9.0.155 or higher".

      I'm running Vista 32-bit

      IE 9

      I have installed Flash Player 10.2.152


      Macromedia file folder in W32 shows the files are there, including the.ocx file


      IE Add-Ons show Adobe Shockwave Flash Object as enabled.


      Active X filtering is turned off.


      Internet zone security is medium.


      Using Zone Alarm and AVG-free edition.
      No viruses detected.


      I have tried uninstalling Flash, re-start, then reinstalling.

      I run install as administrator.


      Must have uninstalled and re-installed at least 10 times.


      Would be grateful for help on this forum.


      (I've also done the registry check suggested in  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/657743 and values are OK)


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          eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

          Hi, well you seem to have covered most of what is needed.


          Can you see the Flash Player logo(Red F) animate using IE9? Also what version is Displayed?


          Do you use a Router?


          The Zone Alarm, is this the Anti-Virus program or just the Firewall?


          What website did you see the message from?


          When you Uninstalled/Installed, did you do that manually or use the direct links?


          Did you Disable your Anti-Virus programs during the procedure?






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            rose_i_am Newcomer

            Hi.  Thanks for response.  Answers as follows:


            No animation appears on the shockwave welcome/test page.


            The laptop has a wi-fi connection to the BT Home Hub D-router.  Another PC with ethernet connection to that same router and W7/IE8 does not have any problem with Flash.


            Zone Alarm is firewall only.


            BBC iplayer gives message that I need to install flash 9 or higher.

            You Tube just shows white area where normally see video.  No message.


            I originally clicked the link to upgrade.

            Following failure that way I've tried manually downloading.... many times ..

            both uninstall and install.

            And done lots of restarts between too.


            I turned off AVG virus when downloading and closed IE when told to do so.


            *Thanks Blondie (?) *



            After posting above I decided to remove Zone Alarm and restarted. Turned on Windows Firewall instead.
            Manually uninstalled  Flash and reinstalled again but unfortunately hasn't made any difference :-(


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              eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

              Hi again, lost the message Will try again.


              Hi, thanks. You are not able to see the Flash Player logo, but yet you say the Shockwave Flash Object is enabled in the manage addons. Hmmm. Is that add on the same version,


              In addition you have the ActiveX Filtering turned off. You should be able to see the Flash logo.


              Since you are using AVG, there is a nasty "antivirus8" or "AV8". Better known as the AVG Virus. You may receive a pop up thinking it is AVG, even complete with the AVG logo, don't click on it. That's the Virus. Have you experienced any of that? As far as I can tell, this Virus requires user "action", i.e. clicking on their link.


              Whether they set the Kill-bit or not doesn't seem to matter, or whether AVG sets it when it's done, I don't know yet. I do know that users that don't have the Kill-bit set, but have/had that Virus or any other can cause an issue with that Shockwave Flash Object.


              I have been wanting to get to the AVG site and see what if anything they are doing on this, but just haven't gotten their yet.


              Did you have IE9 when Installing Flash Player or did you Install IE9 after updating FP?


              Also do you have the latest Service Pack Installed for Vista?


              Let me know on these.


              Just a note the Flash Player Forum has been having Technical Issues since Monday morning, so we're having problems in sending messages. Hope this goes thru.




              eidnolb (blondie? mostly:-)

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                rose_i_am Newcomer



                Yes, Flash version showing in add-ons is


                I definitely haven't seen any AVG pop-up and the other user says he didn't and wouldn't click on a pop-up.  I have to believe him !!  (It's his laptop I'm trying to sort, my PC is fine.)


                IE8 was installed when the problem with Flash first occured.

                I updated to IE9 to see if it resolved the problem.


                Checked for MS updates today and all is up-to-date and update history shows all updates as having installed successfully.




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                  cnfrisch Newcomer

                  Try the following (assuming you have Adobe Flash Player installed):


                  • Restart your computer

                  • Open Internet Options (located in the Control Panel)

                  • Click on the Advanced tab

                  • Click on the Reset button, place a check next to Delete Personal Settings and then click Reset.

                  • Launch IE9 and Adobe Flash Player should now be properly enabled.

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                    rose_i_am Newcomer

                    Thank you cnfrisch.  Just followed your instructions but .,...  flash player is still not being recognised.

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                      eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                      Hi rose, Please don't follow this person's suggestions. As you can see they just registered and have been posting the message to you to many other threads. Copy & Paste is all this is. They don't read the threads to see what the problems are. This is their "solution" for every thread. 12 posts and they are all the same for the most part.


                      Some people like to harass others.






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                        rose_i_am Newcomer

                        OK, noted.  Thanks.

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                          eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                          Hi, Ok thanks. There is a problem with the latest FP version and youtube videos. A Sticky was put up explaining this, but I've heard that some users can't see it. We've had technical issues with the Forum so that may be why. I'm going to copy it here.

                          Included are a couple of things you can do that may help. Let me know.


                          Sticky put up by Chris Campbell          3/16/11

                          Troubleshooting Flash Player Video Issues Flash Player 10 and later can use your system’s graphics hardware to accelerate video decoding. Flash Player 10.2 and later can also accelerate video presentation on some sites, accelerating all aspects of video playback.

                          If you are experiencing video playback issues in Flash Player, it is possible that your graphics card driver software has incompatibility issues. Please follow the steps in the following article to troubleshoot these issues and help provide Adobe with information that can be used to improve Flash Player.

                          Troubleshooting and Reporting Flash Player Video Issues

                          : http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/839/cpsid_83952.html

                          This includes all Platforms


                          As for fixing this, I'd recommend two things.  The first step to try is to update your video card driver (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel.)  This has helped a number of users and we'd be very interested to know how it works for you.  It even becomes more interesting if you can perform the DXDiag report before updating.


                          That last paragraph may be in the linked to article; wasn't sure but thot I'd include it in case it wasn't.


                          I hope this is helpful for you.


                          Let me know.




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                            rose_i_am Newcomer

                            Thanks again eidnolb for trying to help me.  I do appreciate that you are not giving up on me.


                            I've looked at kb2.adobe.com/cps/839/cpsid_83952.html instructions but there's no animation for me to right-click on. (I also looked at this on the PC that is working OK and can see what I'm supposed to do.)


                            However as that instruction mentioned making changes to the hardware accelerator setting, I've accessed that through using

                            'Run Direct X Diagnostic Tool'.


                            The message I got was 'Your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings.'


                            I've also checked Monitor properties, update drivers 'WIndows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date'


                            and Windows updates show latest update for NVIDIA wass successful on 13 March (since the problem with Flash began.)



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                              eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                              Hi again. That site and the instructions for the DX Diag tool and reporting info is what the Flash Player Team is using to document info from the User.


                              That is separate from what I do here, I've just been trying to furnish that on their behalf.


                              This test site is the one I want you to use. I see I had forgotten to inclued it in my previous posts.




                              This will also display the current Flash Player version detected.


                              If you can see the Flash logo animation, try at the same test site to right click on the logo and click on Settings, then UNcheck the hardware acceleration in Display Settings.


                              Trying to find out conflicts isn't easy:-)





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                                rose_i_am Newcomer

                                Hi.  That was the site I was using to test if there was any animation/advice of player installed version.

                                Still no animation, no player recognised.


                                (Using the OK PC I can see animation and version installed.)



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                                  eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                  Hi, ok thanks. Too many links:-)



                                  I posted this on another thread a couple of days ago. See if it is having any effect on your situation.



                                  A point about those using Win7 or IE9(final vs released 3/14). One of the features is called ActiveX Filtering. Win7 updated with a Service Pack 1. This Filter is included and now is with IE9 also.

                                  To turn on ActiveX Filtering
                                  In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then click ActiveX Filtering.

                                  To turn off ActiveX Filtering on a specific website
                                  In Internet Explorer, click the Filter button in the Address bar, and then click Turn off ActiveX Filtering.

                                  To turn off ActiveX Filtering on all websites
                                  In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then click ActiveX Filtering.

                                  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/products/ie-9/fea tures/activex-filtering





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                                    rose_i_am Newcomer

                                    Hi again

                                    Don't think your latest applies here.


                                    Was using Vista and IE8 when the problem began.

                                    Now Vista and IE9 and Active X filter turned off for all websites. (IE9 Tools and then it's displayed straightaway, no 'safety' tab showing.)




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                                      eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                      Hi, well we have covered most everything. I'd like you to take a look at this Kill-bit site. The one you went to is an older one and this one has been updated. My conclusion is that either this Computer has been infected or is infected with a Virus or the Kill-bit is set.



                                      Go to this thread and follow these instructions: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/782435?tstart=0

                                      open the registry editor: Start | Run | type regedit.exe
                                      navigate to this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}
                                      if that key does not exist, then the "kill-bit" for Flash Player is not set
                                      if it contains a DWORD entry with the name Compatibility Flags that has any value other than 0x00000000, then the "kill-bit" for Flash Player may be set

                                      Read this carefully. You are just looking for this information. Don't do any changing or anything but look.


                                      Check whether a Virus has been detected also.






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                                        rose_i_am Newcomer

                                        OK, look don't touch.  I understand.


                                        That registry key IS there.

                                        The DWORD value is 0 x 00000000 (0)


                                        AVG log going back to October 2010 has not detected any viruses.




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                                          eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                          Hi, thanks for checking that. Now this is confusing to me. It says: if that key does not exist, then the "kill-bit" for Flash Player is not set


                                          So you are saying that Key is there?


                                          Then it says: if it contains a DWORD entry with the name Compatibility Flags that has any value other than 0x00000000, then the "kill-bit" for Flash Player may be set


                                          So you do see that Key, but you don't see the 2nd part?


                                          If this was my computer, here is what I would do. I would go to www.malwarebytes.org and download and SAVE to my Desktop the Free version. They I would update it(on the GUI). Then close it.


                                          I would Disable in the addons these first & now.(You can re-enable them afterward)

                                          AVG SafeSearch 
                                          AVG Security Toolbar
                                          AVG Security Toolbar BHO

                                          Next, close all browser windows, you only want to be looking at your Desktop.

                                          Disable AVG this way:


                                          Resident Shield:
                                          Open AVG User Interface. (Right Click to Open)
                                          Double-click on the Resident Shield.
                                          Un-tick the option Resident Shield active.
                                          SAVE THE CHANGES


                                          Open AVG User Interface.(Right Click to Open)
                                          Double-click on the LinkScanner.
                                          Un-tick the option Enable AVG Search-Shield and Enable Active Surf-Shield.
                                          SAVE THE CHANGES


                                          Once you have that done, Open MBAM(malwarebytes) and run a full Scan. If anything is found, follow the instructions.

                                          When finished, close MBAM, re-enable your AVG/addons


                                          Let me know if anything is found and on that Key above.





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                                            rose_i_am Newcomer


                                            *if that key does not exist, then the kill-bit for flash player is not set*

                                            Yes I can confirm that Key is there

                                            So does that means the kill bit MAY be there? ....


                                            But as the compatabilty flags line does show value of ox00000000 (0)

                                            then does that mean that although the kill bit MAY be there it is not set?

                                            You say it's confusing to you.  What chance do I have then?  LOL


                                            I've done what you asked disabling AVG exactly as you said.

                                            Downloaded MBAM, scanned.  Made a txt file of the report. (Tried to paste it here but unable to)

                                            No malicious threats found.

                                            Just some spyware, now removed.  Restarted as directed.

                                            AVG re-enabled.


                                            IE add-ons as before showing flash 10.2 installed

                                            but if I try to play video still get message that I don't have the correct level 9 or higher.


                                            Your patience is amazing eidnolb

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                                              eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                              Hi, Yes it is confusing to me because the 2nd line seems to contradict the 1st line:-) I had heard of Kill-bits from Windows updates and understood what they were for. However Microsoft, whenever they would have any in their Windows Updates, would document which Company asked for that and the reason. The user did not have to Install that but had a choice. It most always was an ActiveX Control that a Company deemed compromised and requested that action from Microsoft.


                                              Until 2 months ago, I was unaware that a Virus/Malware could do the same thing. Also I have heard, but not confirmed that some Anti-Virus Programs do that. What I do know is that Adobe does not do that, since they want Flash Player working for everyone


                                              So removing this Kill-bit is new to me:-)


                                              When MBAM ran the scan hopefully it was just spyware and nothing in the Registry? That would be the biggest concern.

                                              I know the file attachment feature for the Forum has been disabled for some time.


                                              I just worked on a thread within the last couple of days that they had this issue, but we never progressed as far as you and I have. He had to go out of town, but his son contacted Microsoft and the Father reported back that the Install of the IE9 was corrupted and Microsoft fixed it. But no details on what MS did or exactly what the issue was beyond that explanation.

                                              That is a possibility here.


                                              The fact that you don't see the logo and the fact that you can't turn off the hardware acceleration clearly shows that FP/Shockwave Flash Object is not working.


                                              In that Post#4 at the Kill-bit site there is a zipfile. I don't see how it would hurt to use it. It is simple. I don't have a test machine, but just downloaded the zipfile & extracted the file to use.


                                              Either that or you could contact Microsoft. I'm sure they have free support for their newly released IE9. I don't run out of patience and only send users to Microsoft when I think there may be a need. If there was a problem with the Install of IE9, I couldn't fix it if I never run out of patience:-)


                                              I think if this were my computer, I would run that file to remove the Kill-bit whether I was sure it was there or not. Then I would consider contacting Microsoft.






                                              Long post, but I think as I'm writing:-)

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                                                pwillener Legend

                                                rose_i_am wrote:


                                                But as the compatabilty flags line does show value of ox00000000 (0)...

                                                Just to clarify, this value indicates that the "kill-bit" is not set.

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                                                  eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                  Hi Pat, Glad you have some time to spend here. That Kill-bit line 2 & 1 is confusing to me. Am I to understand IF the Key is there AND the compatibility flag and the value other than 0x00000000 (0) THAT determines that the Kill-bit is set. BOTH of those must be there. Just the Key itself with the value this person has does NOT indicate the Kill-bit.






                                                  P.S. While you are here, would you mind checking the "flash weird stuff" thread?




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                                                    rose_i_am Newcomer

                                                    Hi eidnolb


                                                    My problem is getting IE (8 or 9) to recognise that flash player is resident on my pc.


                                                    One of the things I tried before asking for help was to download Google Chrome and I found that I could view videos using that.  So I signed up to a Microsoft forum as I assumed that the problem was within IE.  I found a helpful person on that forum too :-)


                                                    Mr Helpful Person explained that Chrome (and some other browers) use a plug in flash version, not the add-on Flash that IE uses.  So after following his instructions to check the Adobe flash test page, uninstall reinstall etc and then to look in the registry for the kill bit, his advice was to try Adobe forum, which is how I arrived here.


                                                    I have carried out all the checks that you've suggested even when they were repeats of what I'd tried before.




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                                                      eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                      Hi, Oh, I know:-) Chrome has Flash Player embedded and Google keeps it update, so FP doesn't need to be Installed as other browsers.


                                                      And yes, all browsers except IE use plugins. IE uses the ActiveX since this is Microsoft Technology. Anything in that browser can conflict with the Flash Player ActiveX Control. Anti-Virus addons etc. Any addon in the IE browser is a + or a-.

                                                      We haven't taken a look at those since the most important were all we've covered. Dealing with Virus issues, current or past, Kill-bit, Settings ,etc take priority over the addons. You had already done a lot of checking and some I needed to confirm.


                                                      Flash Player works thru the browser so whatever is in there, has an effect. Anti-Virus addons in the browser conflict the most, then others that are known.


                                                      Also, we haven't checked the System 32 Flash files. I know you have, but I haven't confirmed them, so let's do that.


                                                      C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash  Post those Flash files along with the version numbers.


                                                      If you want to post some of the addons in IE, you don't need to post any Microsoft unless it's Silverlight. Sometimes that will conflict.


                                                      Have you checked the Java versions in Control Panel/Programs & Features? Jave also installes addons into the browser.


                                                      There are so many variables, that I guess is why they call it Troubleshooting.


                                                      Even after checking these things, I think either the Uninstall/Install of FP or the Install of IE9 didn't go well.


                                                      Since IE9 is new, I would tend to think the problem lies there. Just my opinion due to the fact that if that is a problem, then Flash Player would have a problem, even if Installed correctly along with that ActiveX Control(Shockwave Flash Object)


                                                      Let me know what you decide.





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                                                        rose_i_am Newcomer

                                                        Hi :-)

                                                        System 32 files

                                                        Flash10n.ocx 5.87 MB

                                                        FlashInstall text document 43.3KB

                                                        FlashUtil10nActiveX.dll  305 KB

                                                        FlashUtill0n.ActiveX 230KB

                                                        Install text document 35 KB


                                                        IE Add-Ons

                                                        Shown as 'currently loaded' Adobe Shockwave Flash Object enabled


                                                        This one only shown when I click for 'show all add-ons' Shockwave ActiveX control enabled Is that Significant??


                                                        Google Toolbar

                                                        Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.601.29.0

                                                        Java Plug in 2 ssv helper

                                                        SVV helper class

                                                        Java Plug in

                                                        Java Plug in 1.6.0

                                                        Java Plug in 1.6.0_16

                                                        Java Plug in 1.6.0_24

                                                        Java Plug in 1.6.0_24  Yes, it really is listed twice.


                                                        Control Panel/Programs&Features shows
                                                        Javas (TM) 6 update 16


                                                        I had another look at the registry, having noticed that the add-ons provide the key reference if I look in the right place.  The key you asked me to look for to see if the kill bit was possibly there


                                                        is the reference on the FlashUtil10n.Active X file.  In the registry right next to that key is one that is very similar:

                                                        D27CDB70-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000 with a value of 0x00010000 (65536)  Is that significant in any way?


                                                        Thanks again for your continued interest.


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                                                          eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                          Hi, thanks, that's helpful. You're right, the Flash files are all correct. Now I don't have IE9, but have to go on the placement of the addons as they are in IE6, IE7 and IE8. Under "Show" (IE8) there are 4 categories to look for addons. All addons and run without permission were the ones that listed Flash Player addons. I have always thot it was confusing the way IE separated them. Some are listed in more than one category and users think there are actually more:-)


                                                          If there is only one listed in "all addons", that is stranger yet. (shaking my head:-) I wonder how many users of the "real world" had input to the IE9 beta team? The one you listed is for the Shockwave Player, not Flash Player.


                                                          The SWO is listed in "currently loaded" Honestly, I'm still shaking my head; isn't it STILL an addon? No wonder people get confused. Currently loaded I have found means nothing, what is important, is it Enabled(working) or Disabled(not working)


                                                          Please excuse my amazement with these.


                                                          Go to the Control Panel and you will want to Remove all Java listings except the latest(6 U 24). When finished, Reboot your computer. Then check the Java addons and only the should be listed. Yes, Java Installs more than one, so that's ok.

                                                          Probably different files. Any old Java poses security risks but most importantly for some reason the websites uses the "oldest" one. Don't ask me why.


                                                          I would then disable Silverlight, all Google addons, that 2SSV Java helper & the SVV helper Class. These are not needed and can be re-enabled if we can get to the bottom of this mystery, LOL


                                                          That Registry entry is interesting. I don't know what that means. Since it's a reference to that Flash file, it could have to do with Uninstalling. I think that Flash file when double clicked Uninstalls FP. Just a guess, but not sure.





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                                                            rose_i_am Newcomer


                                                            Re the add-ons.  Think you may have misunderstood what I said. To clarify - ALL the add-ons are listed when I select 'all add-ons' including those that only appear when I select 'currently loaded'.


                                                            I've followed your instructions to remove Java except for the latest and then restarted.

                                                            Now  Java is shown 3 times in the add-on list!!


                                                            Also disabled Silverlight, Google and SSV J Helper and SVV helper.


                                                            But ...... sorry to say,

                                                            It makes no difference.

                                                            www.bbc.co.uk website still says 'You do not have the correct version of the flash player',

                                                            and YouTube won't play video.


                                                            A reminder.  I first had this problem with IE8 and updated to IE9 in an effort to resolve it.





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                                                              eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                              Hi, glad you clarifed the addon placements and what they included:-) Java Installs 3 in my browser also, who knows? Java is cleaned up so that's a plus.


                                                              Well, at least when you reach your goal of having SWO working, you'll have done a lot of checking and cleanup:-)


                                                              Until we can find out why that SWO isn't working, no Flash Content or any website that has videos will work. That SWO is to FP as gas is to a car.


                                                              That reminder is relevant, but with IE9 installed we don't know if the issue could have been fixed before. Perhaps the problem has been masked by IE9 or complicated by it.


                                                              There is a procedure called SubInACL which repairs Registry/Permission Issues. Take a look at it. Running that or contacting Microsoft I think at this point are your only choices. Uninstalling IE8/Installing IE9, either one could have caused a glitch in the Windows Registry.


                                                              We've done all I know externally. If it's an internal issue that's a different matter.





                                                              See what you think of running that and then you can decide which you would rather do.




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                                                                rose_i_am Newcomer

                                                                Hi eidnolb

                                                                Thanks for your latest suggestion.  I followed those instructions to the letter.


                                                                Only improvement is that I now have an up-to-date back up of the laptop

                                                                and that the flash files in W32 now have today's date on them.

                                                                IE is still not recognising that Flash players is installed.



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                                                                  eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                                  Hi, Well, so that didn't take care of it. It looks like you are going to have to contact Microsoft since I think we've exhausted and more what can be done. The Technicians can look inside the system and see everything, where you and I can't.


                                                                  I don't very often lose anyone to Microsoft, but this is one:-)



                                                                  Let me know how you come out, please.




                                                                  Thanks for all of your cooperation and hard work, since I know you have been the one following all of the directions and procedures. If it helps any, most of what I've had you do, I've done myself. Not the SubInACL or removing a Kill-bit tho, since I haven't had need of either of those. If I ever do, I'll contact you:-)


                                                                  A lot of "fixes" out there, but whatever I've asked you to do are safe and known to work. Experimenting is not for my system or anyone else's. Too risky!!


                                                                  Regards and I look forward to hearing from you after MS,




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                                                                    rose_i_am Newcomer

                                                                    Many thanks for all your suggestions eidnolb :-)

                                                                    I kept hoping that eventually we would get there and I'd be able to click the correct answer button.



                                                                    I'll certainly update this thread when it's eventually sorted.



                                                                    Bye for now


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                                                                      eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                                      Hi, thanks. I would have seen it answered also, for your sake:-)



                                                                      If you get a Technician at MS that is difficult to understand, just agree yes, yes. Then call back. There is no point in trying to have a Technical Discussion with someone you can't understand.









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                                                                        rose_i_am Newcomer

                                                                        Well despite the best efforts of both the Microsoft Forum and the very patient eidolb here on the  Adobe Forum :-)

                                                                        the problem with my laptop couldn't be identified.  Microsoft support is not an option (too expensive in the UK for a home user).


                                                                        As the flash player files were resident, I felt sure it was a problem with the registry.  And it was.


                                                                        Having been introduced to regedit here on the Adobe forum, I spent a long time just looking at the settings of various registry keys.


                                                                        Then I found a setting for the flash player called permissions.

                                                                        When I clicked on Permissions the message was:


                                                                        The permissions on Flash Player Active X are incorrectly ordered which may cause some entries to be ineffective.


                                                                        To order the permissions correctly, click Reorder, to leave the permissions unchanged, click cancel.


                                                                        What did I have to lose?  Flash player wasn't working in IE anyway!


                                                                        So I clicked Re-order, closed regedit and restarted.


                                                                        Yeh!  Flash player now working :-)


                                                                        Then updated to latest FP and still working.


                                                                        No idea how the registry permissions became 'incorrectly ordered' but it really doesn't matter now.


                                                                        So thanks again eidolb for all your time spent trying to help me.

                                                                        By following all your clear instructions I've learned lots on my journey and without your help I'd never have gained the confidence and knowhow to experiment.

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                                                                          eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                                          Hi Rose!! WOW, you go girl  That is awesome. That is very interesting how you found that. If you remember the Registry Key for Flash Player Permissions that you found, I certainly would love to know it. I have a couple of threads that are having very similar issues that you were. We've been doing much of everything you & I did to try to solve the issue.Viruses/Kill-bit, etc.

                                                                          Nothing is working.


                                                                          I'm so glad you were brave enough to do that and it paid off big



                                                                          Thanks so much for the feedback. Now I've learned something new. What you have found may solve a lot of issues that others are having.


                                                                          Look forward to hearing your info on this puzzle that you solved!!



                                                                          I'm amazed






                                                                          • 34. Re: why isn't flash player being recognised?
                                                                            rose_i_am Newcomer

                                                                            Thanks eidonlb.  Of course I'm happy to share the solution with you.


                                                                            Looking at registry entries does no harm at all and if you don't find anything then you have at least eliminated one potential cause from your list.  But if you do think this is relevant and decide to proceed then it comes with a warning to everyone that making changes to your Registry is entirely at your own risk.


                                                                            Start/Run type regedit


                                                                            Click on HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE to expand the list.

                                                                            then click on SOFTWARE to expand that list

                                                                            then click on Macromedia ....

                                                                            then click on Flash Player .....

                                                                            Then RIGHT-click on Flash player and select the Permissions option.


                                                                            That is the stage that I saw the pop-up message

                                                                            "The Permissions on Flash Player ActiveX are incorrectly ordered which may cause some entries to be ineffective.


                                                                            To order the Permissions correctly, click reorder, to leave the Permissions unchanged, click cancel."


                                                                            If you don't see that message, then the Permissions would be OK.


                                                                            Note:  My laptop was running Vista so I had to turn of User Account Control in order to be able to change the Permissions.

                                                                            I clicked 'Reorder' and closed the Registry Editor.


                                                                            I opened IE and checked the Adobe page

                                                                            and was delighted to see that animation!  Checked I could now play YouTube and iplayer videos and then set a system restore point.


                                                                            Hope this may be of help to someone else.


                                                                            • 35. Re: why isn't flash player being recognised?
                                                                              eidnolb onlyone Rockstar

                                                                              Morning Rose, Reading that last part when you could see the Flash Player logo animation:-) I can just imagine how delighted you were Especially after all you had been through time after time.


                                                                              Your directions on how you accomplished this are great and the details are so good. I don't know how you remembered all of it. I have my own way, I do one thing and write it down, then repeat until finished:-)


                                                                              What I find so helpful is that your way was easier than the SubInACL and not so technical. That procedure didn't work for you. Now maybe it works for some, but it makes one wonder why it doesn't work for everyone.



                                                                              I so appreciate you sharing on how you did this. You deserve a 5 STAR!!! And if I could give you those, I certainly would



                                                                              Oh, you can believe this will help many users and I'll refer your thread!!


                                                                              Yes, the UAC:-) With Win7 they have Settings for that, instead of just an On or Off as with Vista.


                                                                              Thanks again






                                                                              • 36. Re: why isn't flash player being recognised?


                                                                                I have been having the same problem--my browser does not recognize Flash Player.

                                                                                This is a brand new laptop. It's a Windows 7 OS 64 bit, but I have used both IE 9 32 bit and Firefox 5 and cannot play videos, nor does that particular adobe link recognize that I have any version installed.


                                                                                I've looked through Adobe's Flash troubleshooting and through this thread in particular--nothing has worked. I don't have spyware or malware, either, because this computer is barely a month old and I have been on very few sites. I'm thinking it may be trouble with the Add-ons? That's the only thing I've extensively messed with.


                                                                                Any ideas for this one?




                                                                                • 37. Re: why isn't flash player being recognised?
                                                                                  QueenDopamine Newcomer

                                                                                  edit: i will look through some of the other threads first.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: why isn't flash player being recognised?
                                                                                    pwillener Legend

                                                                                    Please start you own topic; that is much easier to handle than a post at the end of a resolved topic.