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    best video distortion plugin?

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Hello there, folks


      I've got a day to put together an effect for a project and only have about 2 hours to do so... My client would like some footage to be made to look like it's from a damaged video signal.  I'm hoping to find a plugin that can create hits, discoloration, all the bits of distortion which have been popular for so long!   I guess Cloverfield is a good example of what they want.


      Anyway, I have looked into Tinderbox 3 with it's Bad TV effects, but can't for the life of me find a place to purchase this online as a download!  But it's also a bit costly.  What I read is that it has the best effects and works fast in AE, so obviously that's important.


      Any fast advice would be majorly appreciated! 


      - Fredo Viola