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    "Run FlexPMD on selected resource" - what it does?


      I'm usually invoking FlexPMD for a current file by right-clicking the editor and selecting FlexPMD > Run FlexPMD. I'd like to bind this command to a keyboard shortcut so I went to Preferences / Keys and found "Run FlexPMD on selected resource" command there. However, mapping it to a shortcut and executing it doesn't seem to do anything. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?




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          Xavi Beumala

          Hi Borek,


          I have no time right to have a look at what might be going behind the scenes (I'll have a look at the code next week).


          But here are some suggestions on different ways that might help:


          1. You could add the FlexPMD nature to your project. this way every time you compile a project flexpmd would executed incrementally in the modified files

          2. You can install a yet-to-be-released version of the plugin from here www.rialvalue.com/flexPmd/updateSite this version has a "FlexPMD outline View" that will list the bugs in the opened file and will update (execute Pmd on the file) every you save it




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