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    Subform multi-currency

    richardmesenV Level 1

      Hi I would use multicurrency subform but I could not find the right way, I used a combo to change the location of the subform but only changes the first value, could someone please help me.


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          Niall O'Donovan Level 7



          There is an example here: http://assure.ly/e59VGu.


          The first page changes the locale of target objects individually.


          The second page adapt's Paul's function to change the locale of all of the objects in a container.


          Hope that helps,



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            richardmesenV Level 1

            This example is needed, I could solve my problem.

            Thank you very much

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              mmgiath Level 1

              Hi Niall,

              Is it possible you explain to me what locale is?

              Also the currency number into the cost field how come up any time you select a current from DDList?

              I do not see you have these numbers somewhere in your scripts.


              Thank you

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                Niall O'Donovan Level 7



                From the Help in LC Designer:


                A locale is a standard term used when developing international standards to identify a particular nation (language, country or region). For the purposes of FormCalc, a locale defines the format of dates, times, numeric, and currency values relevant to a specific nation or region so that users can use the formats they are accustomed to.



                When developing a form you would generally set the locale for the form in the File > Form Properties > Defaults tab.


                LC Designer Locale 01.png


                You would either set it to a specific locale (language/country) or to "Viewer's system locale". The second option means that when the form is opened the numbers, dates, etc. will be displayed as per the user's preferences.


                As wll as setting the default locale at design time, you can also set the locale of individual objects in the Object > Field palette and hit the Patterns button:


                LC Designer Locale 02.png


                For the most part you would set the locale at design time in LC Designer.


                However there may be times where you want the user to be able to change the locale at runtime and this is what the example is demonstrating.


                In the example the cost field has a default value set in the Object > Value palette and this is why you don't see it in the script.


                Hope that helps,



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