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    Opening XFA Forms in Flex

    Niall O'Donovan Level 7



      Is it possible to have certain data which is inputted in a Flex app by the user, available in a form that is then opened from within the Flex app?



      • Flex app with data fields and links to several embedded XFA forms.
      • User inputs key data, like name, company, department, etc.
      • As user then clicks on a link/button that opens a form in a new window, I want the user inputted data to populate fields in the form


      Can this be achieved?


      Using app.media I can get data from one XFA form to another. Is there a way to "broadcast" data from within Flex that is avaialble to other programs?


      My preference is for the form to open in a new window. To get the data into the form, would I need to open the form in an iFrame instead?