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    No data edits?


      Hey, guys, what gives?

      On all applications we build we need some fairly elaborate data edits, such as:


      1. Date and time comparisons: both date and time of field A must be earlier than date and time of field B.
      2. SKIP Patterns. If Patient died in ICU, date of death must be later than admission date and time and user must fill in disposition questions instead of discharge questions.
      3. Paired observations. Observation of head of bed angle must be recorded or, if not recorded, reason for no head of bed elevation.
      4. Basically, we need: conditional, conditional, conditional.


      When I tried out this form, I was hoping we might be able to recommend it to our clients, but without tools for applying, editing, checking, and providing error messages for conditional fields, the tool is basically useless. Very disappointing.


      R. Wolfson

      DataStep Development

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Sorry that the product didn't meet your needs. The FormsCentral service has only been out for little over a month. For the first release we focused on getting the basics right and making a very easy to use product. Over the next several months you'll see us starting to add more advanced features to our product like the some of the ones you mentioned below. So please check back every once in awhile to see if we are getting closer to meeting your needs. You feedback is always welcome as it helps us make a better product.