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    cfajaximport causing error

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      I've got a couple of sites using cfajaximport in cahoots with coldfusion.navigate and coldfusion.submitform and recently, without any change of code they both began to get errors. The errror only occurred on my hosted server. My development server had no errors.

      Security: The requested template has been denied access to C:\ColdFusion8\CFIDE\scripts\ajax\messages\cfmessage_en_AU_.js.

      The following is the internal exception message: access denied (java.io.FilePermission C:\ColdFusion8\CFIDE\scripts\ajax\messages\cfmessage_en_AU_.js read)

      My first thought was that maybe my host changed something, so I worked through the problem with them only to discover that they don't get the error and I was only getting the error in IE8 and FF. When I checked with Chrome, no error?? Closer inspection revealed that althought Chrome didn't raise the errror, that it also didn't "navigate". And yes, JS is on in all browsers.


      So next I setup a test page: to confirm and sure enough, if I place cfajaximport in there, I get the error.


      Now not everyone gets the error. My host advised that the although the error message says I don't have security access, that the file in question doesn't even exist. I checked on my server and it doesn't exist there either but still my sites work ok and the host runs my sites without error. I just did a check with my linux based FF pc and.... no error!


      So WTF? It looks as though it's attempting access to an Australian version of the cfmessage file. Yes I'm an Aussie so does that somehow account for why I'm getting the error and my host doesn't?


      Less hair than I had yesterday. Anyone??