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    Browserlab login authentication bug

    TriggerfishMarketing Level 1


        Problem Description

        Browserlab login fails using authenticated Adobe ID email address. Returns "this email address has not been verified" even though email has been verified and functions correctly for login in all other Adobe services - including browslerlab as recently as last week. Clicking on "Resend verification" results in "authentication failed" error and reverification email is not sent, making it impossible to use the service.


        Steps to Recreate


        1. Occurs with every attempt, regardless of method of arriving at Browslerlab site (from CS5, manually typed URL, from main Adobe login, etc.), and regardless of browser used
        2. Testing on Mac
        3. Using main BrowserLab interface, testing via Dreamweaver CS5


        Expected Results

        Successful login


        Actual Results

        Cannot login