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    flex 3 client sends each request 3 times to CF9

    cosmits Level 1

      Hi all

      my problem is very streight forward

      have a flex 3 app with a CF9 backend

      when I run it locally (jrun) all is well, which means each call to the server (Remoting AMF...) is being called once, as you would expect

      when I the same app on the remote testing server, I get 3 calls for each call to the server, these are observed by the sniffer i use (ServiceCapture...)

      I also noticed in the first 2 calls details - HTTP Error 401. The requested resource requires user authentication.

      the third one contains the actual data which is being transfered back & forth...

      so it seems like the client and the server are negotiating till the data is passing... strange

      apart from the redundency, this particularly troubles me when the app sends emails, because for some reason, it sends them twice

      I've ruled out the mail configuration as the cause by testing a simple script on the server that sends a simple email - only once

      but when it is being invoked from the flex app, it is being send twice...


      does anyone encountered anything similar?

      care to share your insights on the matter?