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    UAC And Control Panel information

    e-works media, inc

      Publishing from InMarket to Intel's AppUp is definiately causing quite a few problems.  Attached are images of UAC when installing and uninstalling our app from AppUp - it incorrectly identifies the publisher.  When installed, it doesn't report a version in the control panel.  It also doesn't allow Adobe's browserapi SWF to launch the app - all of these things are creating a load of issues for us when it comes to our end users.


      We just got off a call with Intel talking about the browserapi problem and another issue we're experiecing where a user has AIR 2.0 installed but our app requires 2.5 and AppUp doesn't prompt to upgrade so it fails and we get a bad rating from that user.  They say they don't even officially support AIR 2.5 in AppUp.  This is crazy





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          e-works media, inc Community Member

          this is Damon by the way

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            Shikha Bhargava Adobe Employee

            Hi Damon,


            I am looking into this, and will post a response soon.



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              Shikha Bhargava Adobe Employee

              Hi Damon,


              I discussed this issue with Intel too. You have come across a known and uncommon issue that occurs when a user declines to install AIR runtime required to launch the application. The next AppUp release would support AIR 2.5 and will prevent a user from downloading the app unless AIR 2.5 or higher is installed on user's machine. The current workaround would be to ask users to manually upgrade to latest AIR runtime and launch the app again.


              Also the UAC message on Win 7, is something that is enforced by the UAC user settings. I have brought this specific issue to Intel's attention.


              Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any further questions.




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                Damon Edwards Community Member

                Hi Shikha, thanks for checking into it.


                I do have another problem with this AppUp process.  The desktop icon it uses must not be correct because it looks terrible.  If you install from anywhere but AppUp you get a nice icon but AppUp seems like it uses the largest one and crams it down to the smaller size.  It looks terrible.



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                  Joerg Beckert Adobe Employee


                  can you, by any chance get the real icon files from the installed apps as they are used on the desktop and send them in an email to me.

                  This is hard to compare because one appears to be from a netbook running Windows (Vista?) then the other screen shot appears to be from an OSX installation or a desktop version.


                  Are you sure it is not the OS and the desktop shell that picks the icons and renders it?

                  The text on the top one is wrapped so the way shortcuts are pictured appears to have some space contraints.

                  Have you tried to change the way desktop icons are displayed?


                  Right-click the desktop, point to View, and then click Large Icons, Medium Icons, or Classic Icons. (Classic icons are the smallest size.)

                  When you have selected Classsic only the very small icon files are used


                  Let me know if that works



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                    Damon Edwards Community Member

                    Hi Joerg,


                    Yea, the two screenshots are from windows 7 and osx because i didn't feel like uninstalling the AppUp version and re-installing a 'normal' version yet again on my windows machine.  I've done this a few times for Intel already and I dont know if they track app uninstalls and whether that affects the visibility of our app in AppUp.  However, it happens regardless if you're on XP or Windows 7 (AppUp doesn't support Windows Vista).


                    Attached find a screenshot of the desktop icon along with desktube's icon folder from the installed location.  My icon view is the default view, Medium.  If I uninstall the AppUp version and install from AIR Marketplace or our website, then the icon looks like it does on osx - perfect..dt-icons.jpg

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                      Damon Edwards Community Member

                      Here you go, I did it for you anyway.  This also shows the bug where it doesn't show the app version when it's installed via AppUp, but this may be because AppUp currently doesn't support AIR 2.5..  I dont know..