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    cfthread and multiple cfpdf calls with a cfprogressbar on top

    dujsu Level 1

      Hello all,


      Im working on a project that will generate PDF documents dynamically. During this generation process I am performing a wide range of document manipulations from using cfdocument (for most of the content) but then am also using some DDX to handle multiple watermarks in one CFPDF call. So so far I have consolidated most of my requests into just a handful. Although just to note, using DDX has seemed to slow down the overall PDF generation compared to previously just using adding watermarks with multiple requests. So now Im trying to speed things up a bit and am a bit gun shy at using CFTHREAD after reading several blogs. Im also wondering if it is even worth pursing as an option to speed up the PDF generation process. We will have 250 concurrent users per day using this application and probably 20-30 generating PDFs at one time. Either way I would like to implement progress bar to top it off, Im guessing it will work between threads..?


      So is CFTHREAD worth pursuing for speeding up the PDF generation process?