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    X-Rite i1Profiler has a fatal flaw

    RASouthworth Level 3

      I have been using ProfilerMaker 5, coupled with an i1Pro  spectrophotometer, for several years. Today I received an email from XRite  announcing the availability of their new i1Publish package, which includes the  i1Profiler software. It seemed like a good deal, $500 to upgrade, and it's  obvious there is no further work being done on ProfileMaker.

      I downloaded  the software, usable in a demo mode, and went through the workflow description.  There are some interesting new options for printer profiling, BUT there is no  provision for OBC (optical brightener correction) using an i1Pro, it's only  available if one has an i1Isis chart reader.


      Most papers, particularly  glossy/semi-gloss, require OBC since they contain optical brighteners. It makes  no sense for XRite to issue a new profiling software version that doesn't  include this capability for i1Pro (easily the most popular spectrophotometer for  color management), but indeed they have, I even called their support line to  verify. Needless to say I won't be upgrading.

      Richard Southworth

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          Richard, have you based this decision on real world testing and looked at final prints? Or talked to anyone that has done so?


          Color management consultants typically have UV and non-UV capabilities. Some situations call for one while others call for the other. I've been using I1Profiler in production for quite a while now and I don't see this as a fatal flaw at all. The results are fantastic. See for yourself!

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            RASouthworth Level 3

            Yes, I based it on my real world results, having created profiles for several years using PM5 and its OBC capability.  It would be nice to have additional equipment, isis or i1Pro with uvcut, but in most cases PM5 worked well with a standard i1Pro.  And most of my clients are oriented more around rc papers, which as you know almost always contain oba's, as opposed to natural fine art papers.


            I called X-Rite support, and verified the producd indeed does not have OBC capability.  So no, I haven't actually created a profile with i1Profiler, but I fail to see how it can be very useful to me without the OBC capability using an i1Pro.  Have you done such, using an i1Pro on a paper containing oba's?


            Richard Southworth

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              thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Scott T Martin wrote:

              Color management consultants typically have UV and non-UV capabilities.

              Exactly. And you can fill a room with such consultants who will praise and curse software OBA compensation rather than doing this when measuring the data.

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                Scott_Martin_ Level 1

                A lot of applications (i1P, MP, SV, ColorBurst, etc) require a UV filter to deal with OBAs, so it's not out of line that i1P would do the same thing. (It's based on Monaco Profiler which didn't have software based OBA correction). If you're working with clients you owe it to yourself to have UV filtered and non UV filtered device and to use something better than PMP (who's quality I've been critical of for years now). I've used Monaco Profiler for 5+ years instead of PMP for it's quality improvements. I travel around with a pair of colorimeters and 3 spectros in a big hard case. Gotta have the right tools for different kinds of jobs.

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                  RASouthworth Level 3

                  You're either missing my point or you don't want to aggravate X-Rite, I can't tell which.  So one more time, there are many of us who only have an i1Pro and PMP, and don't want to spend a lot more on equipment and software,  That doesn't necessarily mean we're ignorant or incompetent.  Software OBC has its limitations, but in general for me it has created a satisfactory product.


                  X-Rite bought GM, and promised (me in an email) they would continue to support and upgrade.  It's obvious there will be no more work on ProfileMaker.  So regardless of your preference for Monaco I believe X-Rite has an obligation to retain the PMP capabilities in future products.  It seems to me to be a very poor marketing decision not to, regardless of the "optimum" way to handle the issue.


                  Richard Southworth

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                    Scott_Martin_ Level 1

                    I get your point Richard. This upgrade might be a bummer to those without a UV filtered device. Fair enough. This is a professional level product however, not a consumer one, and one might conclude that color professionals need both filtered and unfiltered capability. As a color professional with such capability I find it a fantastic new platform that I can use now and look forward to seeing it mature in the future. I think saying there's a fatal flaw is a bit overdoing it. Cheers.

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                      p_d_f Level 2

                      Well, having made profiles for the last dozen years, first on CompassProfile (remember them?) and later with ProfileMaker Pro, I finally gave up on the Optical Brightener Correction and have been using a UV filter on my Spectrolino for most profiles and couldn't be happier. The profiles are better all around and actually have a more neutral gray ramp than the profiles made with the OB correction. That's my personal experience and both my clients and I are extremely satisfied with the results.


                      As for this new software, it looks interesting, but it appears I'll still have to use the Measure Tool in PM and then import the data, but I don't know that yet for sure. It sure seemed that when X-Rite took over GMB four or five years ago, the goal would be to develop a product that would incorporate the best of both company's flagship products. Oh well. What do you expect for only a four year wait anyway?

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                        RASouthworth Level 3



                        So let me make sure I understand - it's okay for i1Profiler to leave out OBC because it's a professional product, and all color professionals will have the extra equipment necessary to work around the deficiency.  Seems like a strained argument to me, I think I'll stick with the "fatal flaw" assessment, at least as it applies to my situation.  And for some reason I've never thought of ProfileMaker 5 as a consumer product, guess I'll have to change my frame of reference.


                        Sure, it would be nice to have a uvcut i1Pro or equivalent for use with difficult ink/paper combinations, but the reality is there are many of us who don't, regardless of our expertise level, and IMO X-Rite has limited their market accordingly.  Andrew Rodney's review of the product seems to me to be complete and objective, and I don't believe the word "fantastic" shows up anywhere.  Cheers,


                        Richard Southworth

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                          Scott_Martin_ Level 1

                          The final quality that i1Profiler produces is fantastic. That really needs to be said, and I've been showing that to my clients who are pretty blown away by the quality relative to what they can get elsewhere. There's some great math under the hood in i1P. There's lots more work to be done to make i1P a complete solution, and I'm looking forward to that. I think we'll all a bit impatient - we've been waiting for this product for a long time. But this is, after all, a 1.0 product. OBC will probably come soon. I'm not defending it, but I think it's clearly written for someone like myself, because it gives me the software tools to create fantastic quality results with the professional hardware I already have. I'm sure some people will be bummed out but it's important to keep perspective. In comparison to what we've paid for products like PMP and MP in the past, i1P is super cheap. EyeOnePros have never been more affordable either. Yes, this stuff isn't free, nor perfect but there's really a lot to be happy about.

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                            thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Oh sure, I remember CompassProfiler (and even earlier stuff) but that product made very good profiles.


                            You can use either MeasureTool or ColorPort with your Spectrolino and import CGATs into i1P.

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                              RASouthworth Level 3

                              Ok I'll bite, the best deal I could find for an uvcut i1Pro was $900, which translates to $1400 including the i1Publish upgrade.  X-Rite will make me a better overall deal, $1300 for the i1Publish upgrade for PM5 and an uvcut i1Pro.


                              Know of anything more attractive?


                              Richard Southworth