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    ****Gradient - change center burst...??****


      I need help with a super quick question if you can help out

      My  question's about gradient colors and how to adjust in After Fx. The  original template I'm working with has a gray gradient background with a  white burst of light coming from the center. How would I make the white  burst of light blue?

      I know how to change the other parts of the gradient but I'm not finding the option to make the center burst change color...

      I  see the Hue/Saturation panel and the color palette bar assoc. but it's  not letting me select the palettes to change the color. (haven't worked  much with After FX)

      Can you point me in the right direction??

      Let me know if you can help out quick - as soon as you can because it's time sensitive..


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          How is the gradient created? Shape layers? Layer styles? Ramp effect?

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            npaglia7 Level 1

            I think the ramp effect = here's a screenshot

            Instead of the white - I want a blue burst coming from the center but haven't figured it out...if you could get back within 10 min's - that would be awesome...it'd be a huge help

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              npaglia7 Level 1

              anyone on message above??

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                You're not showing us anything meaningful. Clearly the project is constructed from multiple layers and effects, but without seeing their order and what effects are used, nobody can tell you where to tweak, even more so as lighting effects use additive belnding which at some point will always turn white and makes tweaking colors a delicate process. I suggest you take it up with the original creator of the template or at least provide us with some screenshots of the timeline and effects settings...



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Turn off visibility of layers until you find the layer that creates the flair. This may be one layer with an effect or it may be multiple solids with feathered masks, blurs, varying transfer modes. Then, either tell us what effect was used or apply Effect>Tint to the layer. The burst layer or layers are probably right under the bottom type or logo layer.


                  By the way, if you change the burst to blue it will be close to the same color as the background so it will be very hard to see.

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                    Navarro Parker Level 3

                    I agree with Rick. I don't thinking changing the flare color is going to have the look you really want. Changing the flare from "hot blue white" to "blue" is going to make it considerably darker and far more saturated.


                    You can't have something really really bright (like a flare) that's also really saturated. It's really really really intensely bright blue light. The intense luminance blasts and bleaches the apparent color out of it. It's simulating the look of how additive colors interact.


                    Look at a roadside flare. Look at a halogen headlight. Look at a sodium vapor street light. While each one has a strong color cast to it, at the very center of the brightest core is almost completely white. It wouldn't be a bright flare if it wasn't ramping to white in the center.


                    Take a look at this Flickr seach for real lens flares. They all have an overall tint, but they could all be described as being nearly white in the center. They don't appear saturated in the core.