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    ColdFusion Event Gateway - Data Processing Delay




      We are running ColdFusion 9 inside JBOSS.


      We have event gateways that communicate with JMS Queue from JBOSS to acquire the vehicle related data for further processing (about 2 millions data per day in real time).



      However, we facing performance degradation for the event gateways after it runs for 8hrs (initially data processing at 0 sec delay, subsequently built up to almost 10 mins delay) and it requires restart to resume back to normal speed.


      Further checking on the servers show that the event gateways occupied all CPU processing power after running for few hrs.


      May I know what is the issue and what can i do improve the performance. Your help shall be high appreciated.


      Below the settings for event gateways.


      Queue Size : 10000

      Thread : 30


      Server Spec

      IBM x3650 series

      RAM : 6GB

      Processor : Dual Quad Core Processors 2.5GHZ