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    lightroom 3.0 fills my "C" drive, Help!

    ShacharOren Level 1



      i have a problem that duering work on lightroom 3 my "c" drive is shrinking and fills up to the point where my computer is stuck!


      when i restart lightroom, the space is cleared.


      a few things:


      my catalouge is on drive D (via pref) - a totaly diffrent drive


      my RAW cache is located on frive G - a totaly diffrent drive


      i use "c" only for OS and software installations.


      lightroom VER 3.0 (RAW 6.1)


      i use an OCZ Revodrive 240GB (SSD PCIe drive) as my "c" OS drive.


      i have noticed that there is a speciphic file that is causeing this:


      C:users\"name"\AppData\Local\Temp  and inside the temp folder there is a file:




      this file size increaces as i flip images and marking flags or color labels. (not even changes in develop)


      i think this happands in photoshop as well just a different file.


      this did not happaned before! i just updated my adobe collection in the update center and than lightroom started to behave like this.


      computer -




      24GB RAM


      OCZ RevoDrive for OS


      i'll appreciate any help