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    Fixing or Removing Broken Links

    adrianaharper Level 1

      Hi all,


      Using TCS2 on Windows 7 64 bit. I have a question about broken links. I have some TOC, IX, and XREF broken links in my 'Broken Links' folder in RH. I'm trying to understand exactly what they are and how to fix them without breaking things... Or can they just be deleted? When I try to restore I get a msg that the filename is invalid (the links say, for example, Filename.htm#IX_Linkname) - It says filename can't have an # but that seems to be built in? And if I try to edit it takes me to my BSSCDefault.h file file where I see that the link or 'broken' link apparently mapped correctly... Also, if I look up what it references in the actual generated online help it seems to be working fine (i.e. I can't find any broken links in my actual generated output...)  So can I just delete the broken links as  invalid duplicates?


      Any help would be appreciated.