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    After Effects running TERRIBLY on HP Pavillion DV8 notebook - Please Help!

    Chas Naylor

      I got a shiny new laptop to run all of my apps.  Everything is running GREAT (3DSMax, Maya, etc), but AE is running extremely slow.


      It seems to be a video problem (but I'm not sure), for example, with only one blank (completely empty) comp created the screen has problems refreshing when I am simply MMB dragging the canvas around.  I cannot create 8 distributed shape layers and select an manipulate them without everything moving extremely slow.  This is all within a 720p comp (1280x720px).


      Here's my PC specs:

      Intel core i7 Q720 @1.6GHz

      8.00 GB RAM

      64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium

      1 TB HDD (2x500 GB)

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M display adapter


      The notebook is essentially brand new and like I said it is running extremely well with my Autodesk stuff


      Here's what I have done:

      AE CS4 is updated to (licensed)


      AE prefs:

      Hardware accelerate composition, layer, and footage panel is ON

      overflow volume is set to 2nd physical harddrive

      disk cache is also set to 2nd physical HDD

      interface gradients are OFF

      multiprocessing is ON


      Turning off the fancy interface options for Windows (performance options) doesn't help

      Graphics card driver apparently can't be updated beyond HP imposed standard (all updates have been applied)

      All Adobe master collection updates have been applied



      And I get the problem with OpenGL ON, OFF, and even in WIREFRAME


      I need AE more than any other app, and right now it is virtually unusable.  I have tried everything that I can think of.


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  And thank you