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    Premiere not closing properly?


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      Premiere Pro CS5


      Hello everyone, for some reason when I close premiere pro, it leaves it's icon in the windows volume mixer. Every time I run premiere, it leaves another icon in the mixer board. They are only removed when I restart. Now they aren't hurting anyone, but it gets annoying to have a whole stack of empty unused icons when I am trying to find other programs to adjust their volume. Could this be an issue with the software and they forgot to have PP clean up when it closes, or could it be a system glitch?






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          The first thing that I check and test, when there is any wonky behavior with the GUI, is the video driver. Go to the ATI/AMD site, plug in your card and OS, and check to see that you have the latest Catalyst driver.


          There have also been a few cases (both ATI and nVidia), where a current driver caused an issue. In those cases, most users got relief by rolling BACK their video driver, until the chip mfgr. offered a better one - usually within a month.


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