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    Multi Sco Quiz Not Completing

    edlearner Level 1

      I have tried numerous attempts to combine multiple projects into one and got to the point where all modules are responding to each other. It is a very simple project with three modules:


      Module 1) Intro and Menu with two buttons; lesson and quiz.

      Module 2) Lesson is just a button that points back to Module 1

      Module 3) Quiz with three questions


      The problem is the quiz does not end. I answer the three questions correctly, surpass the passing the score but it just hangs there. The files get uploaded to our LMS, which is SumTotal. Individual quiz files work fine. What could be the issue?? If anyone can help, it would be deeply appreciated. I am also providing a link to all the files I am using including the captivate files and the Multi-scorm package: http://artisture.com/digital/adobepost_multisco.zip

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could try dragging the Continue button on the Quiz Results page back onto the stage area for a start.


          The user is meant to pause on the Quiz Results page and review their score before deciding on three possible actions:

          - Review the Quiz (you've also dragged the Review Quiz button off stage) which can be enabled/disabled in Quiz Settings

          - Retake the Quiz (you've renamed the button Try Again, which is not a problem)

          - Continue and exit the lesson.


          So if you want the lesson to continue to the end and exit back to the menu project, put the Continue button back on stage.

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            edlearner Level 1

            Hi RodWard, thank you very much for responding so quickly. I put back the buttons as you suggested, however, after clicking the continue button at the end of the quiz, the course just hangs there with a blank white background. Do the settings of the other two sco's affect the quiz?

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ah...I forgot that you mentioned you were using an LMS.


              I just went in and checked the Preferences > Project > Start and End settings on your project files and they are all set to Stop Project.  So they are currently not set to exit and automatically load another file anyway.


              Your publish settings have the naming of your publish files set to different names than what your buttons on the menu slide and SCO1 are pointing to.


              However, your bigger issue is that if you were intending to use an LMS as you say, the way LMSs work is that you load the SCO's into them as zip files and the LMS sets up the links to each SCO.  So there's no guarantee that your LMS would have maintained the folder naming and structure exactly as you wanted it so that your menu and other button links would work.


              Your LMS would probably expect you to load the entire course as a multi-SCO SCORM module, a single zip file containing all modules with an imsmanifest.xml file at the root level that tells the LMS what the package contains and what each component is called so that the LMS can set up it's own menu.

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                edlearner Level 1

                Hi RodWard,


                I adjusted the "Start and End" settings to automatically load the next SCO on exit. It worked naturally the way the Menu points to the other modules on the menu slide (module 1). However, the quiz still does not end.


                I understand multi-sco projects should be used with the Adobe Multi-Sco Packager and that is exactly what I did as it says at the end of my initial post. The individual files I included were for reference. The LMS files are uploaded onto SumTotal and the multi-scorm file also includes the menu as well as the imsmanifest.xml file as you may have already seen. Everything I have done, spending over a month trying to figure out, has failed. Please help figure out what I may be doing wrong or if it is a bug in Captivate so I can move forward.



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                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  @Ed.  It's possible that some of your woes are the result of trying to have SCOs call other SCOs inside your SCORM module rather than letting the LMS handle the sequencing itself via the player.


                  If you're using a Multi-SCO SCORM, does your LMS use a SCORM player that has links to each of the modules down the side (or across the top, where ever)?


                  If so, try a version of the course as a multi-SCO without your menu project included.  Set the Project End option to Close Project (it might also pay to try a version with Stop Project at the end as some LMS/browser combinations don't allow the window to close itself but don't show you the error message either).


                  Most LMSs I've worked with didn't like one module in the SCORM trying to call another module when using SCORM 1.2.  SCORM 2004 was developed to handle more sophisticated content sequencing, but a lot of LMS products simply don't support SCORM 2004 well, so I generally stick with SCORM 1.2 because it's the most bullet-proof in practice.


                  On reflection, if your desire is to have the next module in the set load automatically after finishing the one before it, the LMS itself probably has an option for the player to do just that.  Basically, it's probably just some player option you can tick.


                  Do you have access to the LMS so that you can explore the settings available and look for this?

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                    edlearner Level 1

                    RodWard, to answer your question about the LMS using a SCORM player with links to each of the modules down the side, yes. In fact, I have tried all versions of Project End options (Stop Project and Close Project) but still no luck. I am starting to feel that Captivate is built to only work straight though using only Next or Back buttons without the availability of jumping slides with a menu. Was Captivate made for only basic functionalities with an LMS?

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                      RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The limitation you are referring to is due to the way SCORM and SCORM-compliant LMSs work, not Captivate.


                      Captivate is indeed capable of creating published course modules that can have menu slides with buttons that call other modules, or where one module completes by calling (daisy-chaining) another module.


                      However, the reason I asked the original question was to determine whether or not you were using a SCORM player in your LMS.  By definition, the SCORM standard states that each SCORM must be totally self-contained and not require any other file than those it contains in order to function.  Howeverm this rule precludes much of the type of behaviour that many people want in their multimedia courses.


                      One of the reasons why SCORM goes this way is to make it easier for the LMS to accurately score each module. If you have SCORM modules diving off mid-stream to call other modules, the LMS gets confused and scoring becomes unreliable.  So the LMS prefers that each SCO is a nice neat little package that finishes politely without fuss or bother.  It prefers that you use the links kindly provided by the SCORM player to call other modules.

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                        edlearner Level 1

                        Hi RodWard,


                        I have figured out the reason the Multi-Sco is not completing at the end of the project on my LMS (SumTotal).


                        As we know, the Multi-Sco Packager combines the individual sco's into one aggregated sco and also includes a menu with a list of each individual sco that was packaged together.


                        What I had done prior to this original post, was to naturally end with the "Project End Option" to "Open URL or File", which worked fine. When one sco ended, it opened another sco within the Multi-Sco. The entire project was expected to "close" with a "completion" status after all sco's were individually completed. Instead, it just stalled.


                        The conclusion is that Captivate's Multi-Sco Packager does not understand when one completed sco has opened another sco. It is assuming that the initial sco opened another sco as an extension to the initial sco.
                        Even though the sco is directed to "Open URL or File" at the END of each individual sco, the manifest file or js file created by Captivate is not communicating with the LMS in terms of another sco being opened.


                        This is determined by observing the highlighted name of the sco in the menu. When the course begins, the first sco is highlighted displaying that it is active. At the end of the course, the next sco is opened but the first sco is STILL highlighted instead of the second sco. This is the issue. To test this, I manually clicked the next sco till it becomes highlighted and played it completely through. The action at the end of the course is naturally "Close" project in which it now closes/ends as it is supposed to.


                        Thanks for your help.

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                          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Glad to see you've had some success.  Just to clarify a few points:

                          • The Multi-SCO Packaging tool doesn't actually "include a menu".  It just lists the individual component SCOs in the course in the imsmanifest.xml file that it places at the root level of the package for the LMS to read.  It's the SCORM player in the LMS that actually creates the menu of links that you use to navigate from one SCO to the next.
                          • As you have found, using daisy-chaining of SCOs inside a Multi-SCO package is not a good idea.  It can confuse the LMS.  In fact the least problematic Project End action I've found so far is just to use Stop Project.  Even using Close Project is risky if you happen to be playing the content in the SCORM player window (beside the menu of links) instead of opening the content in a new browser window.  Some players do not allow the content to close the window at all other than by using the Close button in the top right corner of the window.
                          • The issue is not that Captivate's Multi-SCO Packager doesn't understand when a completed SCO has opened another SCO, it's that the LMS doesn't understand or expect this to happen.  All the Multi-SCO Packager does is bundle up all the component SCOs into a single zip file and write the imsmanifest.xml that the LMS will need to use to build navigation for the course.  The Multi-SCO Packager doesn't change the Project End settings that you have chosen inside Captivate for each component SCO.  You need to ensure these are correct before you publish each SCO and then combine them in the packaging tool.
                          • The LMS reads the imsmanifest.xml file when it loads the course to find out how it needs to create the navigation and if there are any rules about sequencing of SCOs to worry about.  After that initial read there is no "communication" happening between the LMS and the manifest file.  The LMS however DOES communicate with each SCO as the user is progressing through the module.
                          • Your best way to open any new SCO is via the user clicking one of the menu links provided by the LMS. The LMS is set up to listen for clicks on these links so that it knows which SCOs have been launched.  If you want to daisy-chain from one SCO to the next, you can usually just have your SCOs stop when they finish playing and let the LMS move the learner on to the next SCO.  Most LMSs have a setting that will be named something like Auto Continue which will tell the player to move naturally to the next module of the course as each one is completed.  Always use this method instead of trying to implement daisy-chaining within the Multi-SCO package.

                          Hope this helps.

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                            edlearner Level 1

                            Thanks RodWard for helping me find direction with this; much appreciated!




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                              noker_uk Level 1

                              Hi guys,


                              I'm having a play around with a multi-scorm package consisting of 8 e-assessment modules...


                              Problem: Within my Captivate files, I have set the quiz so that they must pass in order to continue.  I have tested the multi-scorm package in multiple LMSs and i'm having trouble figuring out how to prevent the LMS playbars from allowing the learner to jump between modules without completing the quiz.  I need it to follow a sequence from Module 1 to 8, only allowing the learner to progress as and when they successfully pass the quiz in each module.


                              Any ideas?

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                                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                To achieve this you would need to be using SCORM 2004 and build a customized imsmanifest.xml file that included sequencing rules to tell the LMS in which order the modules should be completed.  This means your LMS would need to be SCORM 2004 compliant and understand how to apply sequencing.