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    Dreamweaver CS5 crashing when switching between open, docked document tabs


      Is this happening to anyone else?  If I have more than one document open and I switch from one document to another by clicking on the docked tab at the top of the screen for that document, Dreamweaver frequently crashes on me.


      To be more specific about what is happening, I'm running Dreamweaver CS5 on Windows 7 64-bit.  Immediately after clicking on the tab of another open document, my mouse turns into the "thinking" icon (the one with the spinning circle on it), and after a few seconds, Windows gives me a "Dreamweaver has stopped responding" message and crashes.  This leads me to believe that some background process Dreamweaver is doing when switching between documents is the culprit.  Does anyone have any advice?  Is there some setting I can turn off that keeps Dreamweaver from monitoring when I change documents?


      I am generally very happy with CS5, but this particular bug is SERIOUSLY affecting my productivity, because I switch between documents constantly without thinking about it.  My thanks in advance!