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    Security Error (with crossdomain.xml in place)

      I have been coding with FLEX for about a month now, so am somewhat familiar, but this is still baffling. I have read about it in many places, too, not no posted solutions elsewhere have fixed it.

      I have two projects within the same Flex Builder, both accessing the THE SAME PHP FILE on a remote server. One can access the data fine and populates a DataGrid, and the other produces the security error. A crossdomain.xml is present at the server root, and indicates:
      <allow-access-from domain="*" secure="false"/>

      Both of these projects have httpServices that access the same PHP file, in the same path, on the same server. So why would one get in and the other not?

      Plus, the plot thickens: I can take the 1 script that fails, put it on my laptop, connected to the same subnet, put it in FLEX builder, and it works!

      How can 1 script work on 1 FB and not on the other within the same subnet?

      How can 1 script access the same PHP server XML response and another not?

      This crossdomain.xml works, as in, for cooliris, for example, but it seems to be having no effect on this situation? I read that I need to put a crossdomain.xml in the FB folder html-template, so I did that, but it does not do the trick.

      The fact that I can get this work on one machine is even more worry-some, as it indicates to me that I am not fully understanding what is happening here.

      Does any one have an explanation?

      thanks in advance!